2018 Left Over Jeep Wrangler Deal



please explain your comment … we love all the great feedback we are getting


I also think folks are being a little harsh because this at least beats Honcker in NJ, now that I know it includes taxes in the original quote. I’m still a bit confused by the math, however, as I previously posted. Payment should be about $303-$304 with the numbers provided thus far. And that is assuming none of the $3k DAS is applied to down payment. Full transparency is the way to go on this board and this deal is still missing a good bit of info.


thanks for your feedback, I dont think there are any feelings hurt here… correct me if I am wrong. I am providing people with the missing information. The real customers have already PMed me and we are working on the details and my post got 50 comments positive or negative thats some thats some good traffic along side with almost 600 views ill take that exposure.


thank you for the feedback, yes tax is upfront there is a small difference between the Lease Hacker Calculator and the actual price our systems punch out . I have updated the post with the calculator.


Actually Jeep has a ton of them on the lots

Average dealer supply is 1xx days right now - historically it’s been around 30 days.

They’re overproduced right now.


You’re absolutely correct and this does not bode well for OP’s “Blow out” sale thread.


They aren’t dealing with potential clients though


There is a coupon program in the FCA world this month - they’re likely going to allow you to stack 2-4 on each unit(wrangler).

Each coupon right now is $250 - likely jumps to $500 each in the near future.


thanks for your input


So some known facts:

  1. Wranglers are very rarely discounted
  2. Wrangler inventory is at a high (but probably because it’s January)
  3. Wrangler residuals are much higher than most cars

That being said, I think if he just took some of that $3000 DAS and moved it to the monthly for $378/mo, it would be a pretty descent deal.

Oh, and also remove that stupid “BLOW OUT SALE” in all caps. I think that just rubs everyone the wrong way.


Agree with that last line.

If someone is unfamiliar, please mention to those who have been PMing you that posted deal is on a Sport Trim that has crank windows and NO Air Conditioning. Otherwise you might have some very pissed off customers at delivery.



Thanks for your input, once again this is an Ad for a particular vehicle that we have decided to post. The Ad includes all of the vehicles features and we inform all of our clients of all the details hence also the posted window sticker for transparency. The purpose of the Ad is to inform people of how cheap these trucks are however if anybody is seeking a more expensive version of the wrangler that options is open. As stated in the ad there are multiple options for different terms for the vehicle listed above.
We have been in business for 11 yrs + and have a 100% satisfactory rate. Also the My comments serve a purpose to inform people that the more expensive the vehicle the higher the spread is and more "holdback " / bigger discount. That seemed to drive people away saying that this isn’t a good deal when in fact its an amazing deal for those who recognize.


My feelings aren’t hurt, but as a casual observer of this thread I can guarantee I will never due business with you. You aren’t informing people, you’re misleading them.

This is the same garbage spouted by typical car salesmen before getting to an actual finance manager. Hyping the deal, hiding the sale price, insisting on the good deal, promoting the resale value, etc.

This is not an amazing deal at all, and when knowledgeable people pointed it out, the response was basically “do you even know the wrangler market, bro?” Not even beating the “1% rule” on a 48 month lease (12 months out of warranty on a Jeep) is a good indication of how bad this is.

A 2300 discount is also not 1500 below invoice. Jeep Wrangler order sheets are readily available online. I don’t care enough to actually look it up, but I’d guess with 5000 worth of options, that this “amazing deal” is barely 1k under invoice. Again, typical salesman speak, “there’s like no markup on these, we’re selling this at cost.” Of course if you were actually being as transparent as you claim, you would just show these numbers and not make people search for them.

Even if it was 1500 below invoice, it’s still not a great deal. There are Jeep dealerships all over the country that will readily sell 2019 Wranglers at 5% (or more) under invoice. There’s even a google maps overlay out there that will show them.


@Dr.O I understand if you are left with having negative experience at a dealership you defiantly have a lot to say about them. However I am a broker and i would love to show you what this side of the business looks likes. its very transparent and definatly not misleading after all I disclosure the MF, Residual value and selling price not sure what other info is important for you to know whats a good deal and not.
There is no need to ponder on a 48 month term when its an advertised option for those people who do not want to come out of pocket with inception fees that can be upwards of 3k or more every few years, BUT as the ad suggests there are shorter term leases available. If you are worried resale value is important to know when you are leasing to determine if it may make more sense to finance vs lease however book value and current market price is available with a simple google search I wouldn’t want to overwhelm someone with all that info in an Ad that would defeat an Ad’s Purpose.
Lastly if you were in the car business or in any sort of merchandise business you would know that the more expensive a product is there more margin/ markup that is which for our hackrs can show more of a discount.
If you think my information is inactivate then see attached an invoice for a Wrangler similar to such as advertised and then you can comment on my validity and transparency.
All the time you put into writing this message can have helped you gain knowledge about what your saying to to demonstrate how valid your opinion is. Maybe there are stores out there offering such great discounts that we are not thats what sets them apart but the question is whether their advertisement is backed by inventory or not


So you’re saying you’re a broker and not a salesman for a specific dealership? You make money on getting the best deal for your client then correct?

Anyone on this forum can tell you 48 months is horrible, as well as ever asking for 3k at signing… it’s misleading.

As a broker you should know this.


Sorry Pal Im not the one who comes up with Acquisition fees and Taxes this is the structure for a low monthly payment with the option to do less at signing which results in a higher monthly payment.
also i am not the type of broker that some of you may be used to we actually have a few offices on the north east


Just out of curiosity what bank is this structured with?
Wondering about that $995 Acquisition.


@LeaN69 this deal structure if through a Credit union ( People Alliance or Bethpage ) , we can use US bank, Ally or CCAP as well but the price will be higher


Gotcha, thank you.


For the record and the interests of this thread here is another invoice for a 2019 Wrangler Rubicon which demonstrates a bigger spread between MSRP/ invoice and a higher holdback = BIGGER DISCOUNT!
but more expensive product is cost more to lease even with the discount

does it get any more transparent then this ?