2018 Left Over Jeep Wrangler Deal



I didn’t forget. Acquisition is listed under the $3k DAS.


Wranglers don’t have rebates


Even though everybody is crucifying this guy…(which I can understand due to lack of info and 48 month lease) however,

$1500 Under invoice on a wrangler isn’t that bad by any means… at least in the NY region, I can’t attest for for you hackers that live elsewhere.


anything other then wranglers you can get a pretty awesome discount


There’s a $1,000 loyalty to current JK Wrangler owners.


No there isn’t…Don’t know where you live but at least in my region there isn’t.


thanks for your very valued opinion it is noted… explain who you are and what interest you have on my offer ? oh wait your prob one of those guys who doesn’t know the product at all and hears 299/month but tells everyone he is getting 199 / mo :joy::man_shrugging::+1:


there is no rebate on wranglers ever


I’m in NJ. Its a national offer all JK owner got mailers, but I’ve seen it applied without the mailer.
It expired end of this month.

Also there was $500 rebate on 2.0 JLUs so dont say no rebates ever…


Unfortunately that’s a marketing tactic used to get you into the store.

There is never rebates on wranglers minus Military $500 rebate. That’s it.


I guess you aren’t familiar with the wrangler market I can help explain incase you will be in the market in the future and want to spot out a great deal :slight_smile:
2018 Wrangler sport only have about 2-3% margin based on the MSRP and equipment which is about 700-900 spread between MSRP and invoice ( the more expensive models ex: Sahara, Rubicon, etc have some more room ) you will almost never see a discount below invoice unless your leasing with left over inventory and Chrysler never has rebates on these at least for the last 5-10 yrs its a big seller. the advertised vehicle has an MSRP of 37,825 and an invoice of 36,707. if your busy wish I can post the integral speed sheet to identify any underlying criticism of how good of a deal this is


Fortunately that’s not the case.

There is no need to get defensive. Your deal is “GOOD” for the average but not here. I am a 2018 JLUR owner so don’t feed me the BS you sound like a typical car sales man.

I got my $51k MSRP JLUR for $45k (6% under invoice) better then EP. I can get it for 7-8% under now.

I know how how much mark up there is I can send you the order guide.


Like I said, That’s a marketing tactic used to get you into the store.

Most likely if I had to guess they send that to all the Wrangler JK owners so they can make an attempt to buy back their wrangler for a crappy valuation while putting you into a new JL for over invoice.

If you’d like I will send you a screenshot of incentives broken down with codes and dates for wranglers being that I have access to DealerConnect for all Chrysler/Jeep/Rams.

The ONLY rebate on wranglers is $500 Military Bonus Cash… Just because a couple guys on a Jeep forum got a mailer saying that there is $1,000 Loyalty for ONLY JK OWNERS does not provide enough merit to prove that there is actually a loyalty rebate…

For Jeep it’s actually called Returning Lessee and I’ve never seen it model specific.


I guess it’s you who really isn’t as familiar with the Wrangler market as you might think you are. There are numerous dealers across the US that routinely sell Wranglers for 6-8% below invoice (not MSRP). All it takes is the willingness to travel to one of these dealers, or have them ship the vehicle to you…but then the road trip is half the fun. Your “Blow Out Sale” is just average pricing, whether you want to admit it or not. It’s not a bad price, but it certainly is not a great price either. I’m on my 54th vehicle, the vast majority of which have been Jeeps, so I can say with a good deal of certainty that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to spotting a good deal vs. dealer hype.


so your pretty much confirming my explanation the advertised vehicle is 37k if you own a 51k Wrangler then the spread is much larger so you got the same deal structure I am advertising. No need for profanity this is simply an ad you dont like it you move on, do you yell any every flier you get in the mail that doesn’t concern you ?


No need. Its an FCA mailer not dealer mailer. Its not a typical lease loyalty either.


You’re bad at math if you think 3% under invoice is same as 6% under.

Drop it and move on.


they re popular, seemed like their making a killing because of the small discount offered if anything. on the positive note they retain super good value so if you buy one and sell it within the 1st 3 years you will have minimum loses


So as I explained in my previous comment with @LeaN69 the more expensive the truck the bigger the spread. also traveling across the county to save $1000 on a $1000 trip doesn’t seem favorable


lol I I dont think so, all I was saying is the higher the MSRP the bigger the spread ( % between MSRP / Invoice ) hence why you can get a bigger discount on a 51k truck bus a 37k truck