2018 Left Over Jeep Wrangler Deal



The point everyone is making, is that if you actually disclosed this as the what it really is, which is roughly $425/mo on a 36/10 lease on a 38k wrangler, no one would even look at it. Presenting it the way it’s presented is disingenuous at best.

I applaud you for showing those numbers, but they even show this would only be 1200 under invoice, which is a fair bit off from “about 1500 under.” No one is arguing that higher trimmed vehicles don’t have a higher markup. It’s practically common knowledge that options are marked up more. It’s irrelevant when holdback is a percentage.

If you’re a broker, isn’t your job to get your clients the best discount possible? Right now searching this very forum for “wrangler deals” will lead to better discounts.

And again with the BS salesman speak. Inception fees of 3k or more? Just… wtf? Do dealerships have the inventory to backup deals? What? It’s already been mentioned here that Wrangler inventory is over 3 months deep, so yeah, they do.

For the record, my parents owned a family run car dealership for 20 years, but thanks for the tips on how “that side of the business” works. I didn’t write my previous post to gather more information. I wrote it in the hopes that any newcomers to these forums don’t buy the snake oil being sold in here.


so for technicality I said ABOUT 1500 under invoice and did not say 3k or more at signing refer to the Ad to fill in the missing details it was very straight forward. This is what we are offering and this is what the price is. I don’t build these trucks but I guess Jeep has clients for them since they offer such config. If you don’t want such a base car we can sell you a more loaded one but for you to insult an offer because is doesn’t meet your needs or standards is very entertaining. I think you have a misconception of how Ad works. Did you ever see or hear of anybody in anybody sell you or offer you the most upscale version of a product of the entry level to i’ve you an idea what your money can buy you ?
I think your anger and frustration underlies elsewhere but the keyboard isn’t a solution or a broker who is on the consumers side. :slight_smile:
hope you enjoy your weekend and may next week be less frustrating


i guess we all have to eat what your serving i forgot this isn’t a free country and we dont all have our own wants and needs


This thread is great lol…


Thank you another Broker has joined the fun


did your family have a new car dealership or used ?


The deal is clear but its not great. Wranglers do not lease well not because of residual, that is actually really high. Its the money factor is high since FCA knows they hold the their value, to make up for the high residual they increase interest rate. 0.00225 is 5.4 % interest rate. I been looking at them for awhile and Wranglers can be had for 5-7% under invoice for a brand new 2019 custom build from factory at Dealers out in Virginia. The problem is even with such a high discount, leases might cost more than a comparable 50k truck. I am hoping since inventory is increasing on dealer lots, discounts might come soon.


I could dissect this deal and explain why it’s not a good deal but it’s irrelevant at this point. I just found out it’s a credit union deal which is making even it even worse (they have better deals then this with better money factor and higher residual on wranglers generally).

This is simply not a good deal. End of story. Sorry


There is a little misinformation on this thread that I’d like to clear up.

48mo leasing on a low contented Wrangler Sport is not that bad at all. Sure the warranty is done at 36 but you’ll have some equity in this at 36mo and since this lease is through Bethpage FCU, you can easily trade out whenever you want. 48mo is a way to drop your payment by about 20-30/mo compared to the current 39mo option. Also Bethpage’s lease is structured in a way that works nicely with swapalease. Something that is also worth noting on a 48mo lease.

The MF and RV that this broker is using is the best available for the Long Island/NYC market on this specific trim. The only lender that it is better would be with another credit union (Hudson Valley FCU) that has rates about a full point lower but you’d have to live up that way to qualify.

If you get the deal with Bethpage FCU, it comes with a $1k excess wear and tear waiver at no cost.

The Wrangler inventory is high right now because they needed to swell it on purpose to handle demand once they move some production capacity over to the Gladiator truck version which launches in April. In the end, as long as FCA doesn’t incentivize the Wrangler, this shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

The only thing that is really worth arguing, as many hackrs have pointed out, is on the discount. I’m not sure which Jeep store you are working with but I have seen transaction prices with bigger discounts on similar contented Wrangler Sport in this market. Not that many though because there just aren’t that many regular Sports available.

I haven’t driven the 2.0l turbo but the $500 rebate FCA put on these indicates that the market perception of a turbo 4 cylinder wrangler is not aligned with the $1k price point of the engine add over the v6.

The more dealers and brokers that participate on this forum, the better it is for everyone. Hopefully @LeaseDoctor has some more deals planned for this audience that can be both profitable and hackr-worthy. It would also help if you disclosed your fee on these deals. The brokers that do well here leave no details out and full transparency is your only trust building tool.


Wouldn’t Pen fed Payment saver be a better deal? Yea its not a lease but payments are similar or even less than a lease; you own the car as a balloon payment. Being that the wrangler holds its value, whats the point in leasing them? You can get a Balloon and potentially be ahead of balance towards end.


Penfed Payment Saver not available on Jeep Wrangler.


Look here it is. Where did you see it is not?


See fine print which states - “Trucks, Vans, Crossover Vehicles, Smart cars and SUVs are not eligible as Payment Saver Loan vehicle types. This restriction includes hybrid trucks and SUVs as well.”


I know someone with a Range Rover that used it and that’s very much an SUV. Must be outdated information