2018 Left Over Jeep Wrangler Deal



2018 Jeep Wrangler Sport Unlimited
MSRP $37825
$3000 due at signing

  • Due at signing Break Down :
  • including 1st month payment
  • Includes DMV ( new plates )
  • includes Acquisition fee
  • NY taxes Paid upfront ( included in the inception fees )
    48 month lease
    • Shorter Terms available ( results in slightly higher payment )
      10k miles per year ( less mileage available but not a huge Dif in price )

.00175 MF
69% Residual
NY Region Only

  • Available incentives ( Not applied for quote )
  • $500 Military discount
  • $500 NAR Realtor association discount
  • Other states/ Regions Qualify for huge savings also but not same deal as above


Knowing a monthly payment without the DAS amount is useless. Also, 48 month leases are :-1:.


these seem at conflict with one another?


What are the selling prices?


That’s not a good deal lol


Really? Its not even worth asking additional questions.


WOW. Full MSRP “blowout.”


so the bullets are a breakdown of the due at signing this deal is NY tax upfront


selling price is 35500 which is about 1500 under invoice


lol I guess you don’t know a good deal when its in-front of you :joy:


I guess not for you ?


I wouldn’t have attached the additional paperwork it makes it look worse.


in what sense it demonstrates transparency ??


Bro i will be 100% honest with you … this forum is not for you


theres that little margin on Wranglers… I always thought FCA was making a killing on Wranglers since they refused to discount the cars and they always seemed so cheaply built.

Best of luck.


Residual = $26,099.25

(35500 + 26099) x .00175 = 107.80
(35500 - 26099) / 48 = 195.85
107.80 + 195.85 = 303.65

What am I missing to get to the proposed 310 if all fees and taxes are in the $3k DAS?

BTW, I originally assumed full MSRP before you corrected your post to explain tax was included in the DAS.


Any good Jeep dealer is doing at least 10% off on 18s (including rebates)

Jeep leases in Jan are pretty terrible Cherokee Limited aside


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You forgot to add in the acquisition fee. Which lender is this through?


Invoice Less Hold Back is a blow out deal?

I can go get twice that discount on 2019.