2018 Kia Stinger GT2 September 2018



A Kia for $532 – steep – I’d wait for the G70 to lease for a reasonable price – Highly doubtful though


FPractically everything somewhat nice is a $450-$550 lease in November 2018 lol… I’m in the business and every quote I’ve got is $500 or more, everything from C 300 with $47k MSRP, 330i with same MSRP, Lexus GS 350 Base $625 with Loyalty LOL…I’m currently paying $332 per month for my 2016 Lexus IS 200T F Sport, so this climate here in Central FL is totally jacked atm.

The Stinger has won numerous car of the year awards, was designed by dude that was the lead designer of BMW M cars, and is one badass machine, regardless of badge. It blew me away on the test drive compared to all 3 German offerings in terms of driving experience, which between that and sound system is all I really about.

The Stinger has the same engines as the Genesis, 2.0T and 3.3Twin T, I work for a Hyundai store in Finance and I’m leaning more toward the Stinger due to the fact that the Genesis rollout has been a disaster of epic proportions and Genesis of Atlanta wants $650 per month for a 2.0T G70 with $46k MSRP, F that mess. Here in FL we have no clue when the Genesis will start arriving to dealerships again


makes sense – I’m not sure what Genesis is thinking – they will eventually have to lower prices to compete – right now at ~$650 they are competing with Porsche!!


You can get into a BMW 7 series for that kind of cash


You’ll be waiting a while.


My current Jag lease is up summer of 2020 and right now the Stinger/G70 are at the top of my replacement list…so :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: