2018 Kia Stinger GT2 September 2018



If your GT2 was AWD…I can’t get anywhere close to $560 on one w/ just first payment due! I just get laughed at!


Was a gt2 awd black exterior red interior
Outta 15 dealers I contacted only 2 would do it


Where are you located?



A dealer in PA was also willing to hit that number but 2 in NJ would match it been a couple months now though


Mind sharing the dealers? I’m in Western PA, but willing to travel.


Allentown PA was the one in PA
Dk what current deals are


Yes, Lexus can be leased for less because of its high residual, but when I test drove Lexus it was such a boring and forgettable experience that I couldn’t bring myself up to lease it.


GS350 F sport is not a boring car. GS F is in a different league but it’s an exhilarating drive


My bad: I see you were replying to the IS350 suggestion. IMHO is350 is not too bad either


I don’t think I can trust anyone who says “GS/IS/RC 350 F is not a boring car.” It is definitely purely subjective… But those cars are not exactly reviewed well for their handling prowess.

I’ve been in a few and never found myself enjoying the experience. I wouldn’t mind owning one for it’s reliability and comfort, though.


Firstly, I did not mention RC. Secondly, I didn’t ask you to trust me or to act on my advice - I simply stated my opinion.


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: of course you’re entitled to your opinion! As am I!


Ok who’s got a hacker deal on a 2019? I was waiting for a Genesis G70 3.3T but I’m in Florida and the legal wranglings are finally resolved but I hear we are still 1 month away from dealers getting them in stock. My Lexus IS 200T f Sport lease has to be turned in in 10 days, of course!! I know I can extend the Lexus but, eh, its an IS-F Sport so the whole another 1k miles =bald tires thing (See a previous post of mine on the disastrous tire wear of current Gen Lexus IS 200/250/300/350-F Sports

So I test drove a 2019 GT2 AWD Stinger 3 days ago, I was blown away. It has a vastly more engaging driving experience imo then the Lexus IS and the Mercedes C300, Audi A4 Quattro, and in my mind the Stinger was more fun than the 2017 Audi S4 I had on an overnight test drive. I test drove a 330i the other day and almost got sick, WTF is up with the BMWs lately? They can’t sync the transmission to the engine properly or what?

Those other marques are more refined with the Interior and overall, however at this stage in my life I want something that I look forward to driving every day. A plastic knob here and there can be overlooked easily in my case

So looking for a sub-500 lease on a Stinger, and probably willing to go down to a GT-1 trim to get there as the GT-2 only adds a few extra tech features which I personally do not need


Lease incentives are better on the GT2 so you may as well go for the GT2. I’ve seen people negotiate GT2 down to below 550 so you should be able get a good price on one. Don’t expect a high 400s payment on a GT2 or even GT1… the money factor is absolutely abysmal on Kias.


Local dealer has $309/month w/3500 DAS listen on their website for the base model. You think it could be hackable with some added incentives?


The base model is a bit of a far cry from the GT2. Its 32k vs 52k dollars.


32k stinger at 300 true sign and drive seems like a good deal to me, if that’s even possible


That’s with 3500 down which makes it about 400 percent effective monthly… he’s looking for a fully loaded GT2 which honestly is a completely
Different car in terms of handling, driving, features, and experience.550 is realistic for the GT2, I think.


The very best I have seen on the GT2 is $535 sign and drive in California.

That is a few interest rate increases back.

Don’t see this car dropping in lease price any time in the near future.


For the 2018 or 2019 GT2 RWD or AWD?
Is that $0 down?
Which dealership? I want to see if I can get it lower than $535 since my lease is almost up soon.