2018 Kia Stinger GT2 September 2018


I passed on a Kia stinger this weekened. I took out it for a 5 hour test drive. I liked it a lot but felt there were a few things that weren’t quite there. Don’t get me wrong, its a huge accomplishment for Kia. They had me quoted at 13k off MSRP including lease cash and conquest, 0 down 15k/36 for $599 per month. It was the last day of the month and late in the day, they only needed to sell 2 more cars so they offered me another $750 off the car. I told them I wasnt going to pay more than $500 per month even though I knew they wouldn’t be able to get there. Anyway, for those of you that are looking for this vehicle, hope this helps.

I’m in the Salt Lake area.


It’s absolutely crazy that I can lease (and current am) a Lexus IS350 Fsport for less than a kia. The sales guy almost laughed at me when I told him what I wanted (400 a month or less and 0 down). With the lexus I paid a bunch of MSD’s (refundable at end), the dealer prep charges but other than that 0 down and they paid the first payment for me. Guess it’ll be another year or so till the stinger goes for what it should?


5 hr test drive, where did you go?


What didn’t you like?


What’s the msrp on this car?


gt2 is around $50k.


I went to doug smith Kia. I told them I wanted to do an extended test drive. They have you fill out a form and off you go. Did about 80 miles on the car.


MSRP was 52k before discounts. They took off 6k off of msrp before incentives, etc.


Its hard to say man. It depends on what you’re used to driving. I’ve been in beemers for the last 6 years, and my last car was a 435i x drive. Its a damn good kar (Stinger) but i didn’t want to pay more than 500 a month for it.


Yea, I think they made a mistake on how they priced it. But they also seem to have other luxury cars in the pipeline. I was reading they have a lux SUV coming in a few years.


The stingers have a poor residual which hurts the deals a lot


I think the stinger is priced comparatively well against it’s benchmark competition, the problem is terrible money factor and even worse residual value. Can’t escape the badge…


I was almost considering getting the 13k off and then buying the lease. Figured I could drive it for a bit then sell it. Wasnt totally sold on the idea though.


I must be the only person out there who wasnt impressed all that much by the stinger. Granted I drove the premium amd not the GT. When i pressed my right knee against the center sole the whole thing creaked and moved. The knobs all felt plasticy and cheap. Im currently in a G80 and that feels miles above the kia in terms of quality of materials. While I enjoyed how it drove, thr initial impressions of quality did not reinforce the 39k asking price.

My 2 cents

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Well, what are you comparing to for $39k MSRP?

I ask because I think people keep comparing the Stinger to the wrong crowd of cars. In the $30s, we’re talking Honda/Toyota midsized territory, not BMW/Benz, as I’ve seen some try to compare to.

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If you pay 38k for a Stinger Premium then that’s the problem… It’s definitely not worth that.

With that being said, I think the knobs, buttons, dash layout, tactile feel of the materials is way above that of it’s price competition. Better than the Q50, Dodge Charger, Buick Regal GS, and the TLX.

I wouldn’t say it’s better than the Germans, it most definitely is not.

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Just an FYI - The $3,000 loyalty rebate does not apply to leasing, it was an internal error from KMF. The dealers will include that rebate, it’ll get kicked back and the dealer will call you to re-do the lease paper work.

Dealers do not realize this, as the incentives include that rebate.


That would be a deal breaker for me.

I hope people are rejecting redoing the contracts on Kia’s mistake.


What are you paying for your g80? is it the sport?


I got a GT2 only first month at signing taxes fees all in 12k miles 560 a month … months ago …

they now do include the loyalty / conquest type rebate in lease is what i heard when my friend was looking yesterday … so should be able to do better than my deal now