2018 Honda Clarity Base 36 months, 10K Miles per year - $219 Monthly, $1164 Due at signing plus tax



You need to be a resident.


did you find any good deal in Socal Because I am looking it for too May be we can buy 2 car and get better deal


I ended up with an 18 Volt :slight_smile:


I am thinking Mirai what did you pay


I’m also in So Cal and looking for a good deal for Clarity (or possibly get a Mirai). I’m willing to join the forces, so that makes 3 cars? :slight_smile:


I am in email Uparin at sbcglobal.net


I am in too - Prime or Clarity


I am in for a Clarity in south cal as well. Let’s all join forces.


I’m new here, but Honda Financial definitely offers 10K Leases in my state of Florida.


I live in Orange County. How abt u?


Studio city


How should we all join forces? Would love to work together!


I am happy to do it too


+2 here. I’m up for one and so is my neighbor.


I live in LA but I can pick up the car in OC as well


DM I have a connect for Toyota and Honda


Count me in for Socal Clarity deal.


would be down as well for a SoCal clarity!


I will join for a collective negotiation at SoCal. PM if interested.

I have this best offer so far for the base model.
MSRP $34,290. Capitalized Cost $23985. Drive-off $2,000. Monthly $295


Put me on the list for one In CA (NorCal)