2018 Honda Clarity Base 36 months, 10K Miles per year - $219 Monthly, $1164 Due at signing plus tax



It’s really easy on the Clarity. He’s getting 3000 northeast PHEV dealer cash, 7800 lease cash and an extra 1700 in rebates from the NY Drive Clean initiative. Must be a NY resident to qualify for that one. 41% Residual for 15k, I think 43% for 12k? 00010 MF on one pay. Not sure about your tax rate. That’s everything you need. Selling Price is probably 32,000 before incentives. I think you could get 31600 or so if someone really needs it gone.


Would love to see the calculater on this one. I can’t figure out how to get it to match his numbers


I get 6354 at 10k ballparking some stuff because I’m too lazy to double check 10k residual (44%?) and NY taxes and fees.


Need details or we can guess here all we want. hes got some wonky figures on the other tread that was closed that didnt make sense. Its like gibberish.


How many miles per year?


Anyone know if this car will be leasing well in October as well?



This deal is good till the end of October.


Can get you $7800 one pay 12k/36
Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts,New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont. Dealer is in MA. Inquire within if you want to pull trigger. No state incentives yet applied at this price. So in MA deduct another $2500–Kaching


Got the base model in NJ 3 weeks ago. 275PM/36Months/15K. First month down. Now reading above posts, not sure if it was a good deal…


Paps you got got — although your deal is not too bad – you slightly overpaid.


Probably would have been even better on a one pay, but for Jersey at 15k that’s not bad at all.


Bumping from 12 to 15k probably adds about 15 bucks a month to the payment, and going monthly instead of one pay probably makes up for the Lion’s share of the difference between some of the other posted deals.


@paps what was your sales price? $31250?


Probably around 32300.


Anyone know of a dealer offering a great price on a clarity this month in Georgia? I’m going to do my research, but I thought I’d ask and see if anyone’s already found anything for GA/Atlanta. (Also, still, very new to all of this)


I got that number assuming 15k with 10800 in rebates, 595 bank, 399 Doc and 308 in DMV and Misc fees


The great deals you are seeing here are due to the extra $3,000 in lease cash available to residents of northeastern states. If you don’t live in the Northeast, the deals are much worse, probably around 90 to 100 dollars worse per month best case scenario, unless there’s some similar incentives in your region. You’ll have to check Edmunds or similar resources for that though.


@ElectricEliminator oof, thanks. I thought it’d be different - didn’t know it’d be that different. I appreciate the info … and will keep looking. :slight_smile:


Do I need to be a NY resident for the extra EV credit or can I just buy there?


Does a :chicken: have lips?