2018 Honda Clarity Base 36 months, 10K Miles per year - $219 Monthly, $1164 Due at signing plus tax




This is a great deal on the 2018 Honda Clarity.

All makes and models are available, contact me for a quote.

On a one pay, the money factor is .00001

The total for one pay is $7892 +Tax

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 Honda Clarity
MSRP: $ 34,295
Monthly Payment: $ 219 +tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ 1164
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: .00071
Residual: 44%
Region: NY NJ CT
Leasehackr Score: 13.1

Sruli Vogel
Swift Autos

P.S. I won’t be working Tuesday and Wednesday, September 18 and 19th. I’ll respond to everyone on Thursday, September 20th. Thank you all for your patience.


4% off MSRP… not that great


What’s the One-Pay price?


Just FYI - total lease cost is 8.4k


I got $7900 on a one pay calculation. Didn’t know if that was correct?


I think we are in the same ballpark. Clarity is going to be the sleeper hit this month :slight_smile:


Yeah looks aside, this is a solid value.


The total for one pay is $7892 +Tax


If this is the plug-in hybrid, this is an unbelievable deal. I would much prefer this over the Volt. If this is the 89 mile all electric, then it sucks. The deal may be good, the 89 electric range just sucks. It was good 3 years ago, but not in 2018.


He is not in CA or OR, so most likely the Plug In Hybrid.


And MASS has 2500 extra “CVRP” rebate, so total one pay for us becomes 5300 for 36 months. The clarity is definitely the ugly duckling that is becoming a swan :slight_smile:


Do NJ offer said tax exemption for Clarify plugin?
Also wonder if “buy” is a better deal in this case because of the 7500 federal tax credit



Not on the plug in. Only the pure electric version.


The tax credit appears to be pushed down to you in lease credits/incentives of close to 11k, so that’s a moot point.


See my post. $7800 one pay with all taxes, fees in it in MA. Less another 2500 rebate from MA. There’s some more juice in the deal for fellow hackmeister’s to squeeze just for the fun of it! As they say in Japanese: Anata wa dono yō ni hikuku ik!


Awwwwwwww man, why can’t you be out here on the West Coast! :frowning:


What’s happen if car is totaled with Honda onepay? I know this questions comes up a lot so sorry for asking again. Just didn’t find answer. Thanks


Hi, Yes, it is the plug-in hybrid.


Does this deal include the Fed and State rebate or could we still apply the state rebate?


I don’t know off hand, please contact me.

Thank you!