2018 Honda Clarity Base 36 months, 10K Miles per year - $219 Monthly, $1164 Due at signing plus tax



I live in OC and will join in too. Count me in. Please PM me if you need any other info.


This is base or touring? How much for NJ(including NJ tax) for touring, 10K miles?


I’m also in for a Clarity deal (NorCal)


#MeToo , In Nor cal . Need Clarity
Please PM if you need more info


Why would people buying as a group result in a better deal? Especially if you want the dealer to sell cars to you at a loss.

Unicorn deals on a new car occur because the dealer wants to meet a particular target, and they need a few more sold before the end of the month.

This is arguably why the Los Angeles Police Department pays $500/month on an i3. They had a public bidding process for 100 cars… from one dealer.


It doesn’t work that way like @michael said. Dealers have discussed this point in the forum before as well. Logically, why would a dealer sell 6 cars at a 3,000 loss, when they could sell 1 car at a 3k loss, 3 at a 500 profit and 1 at MSRP?

The only way I can see you getting a decent discount this way (unless you’re the LAPD it seems) is if you buy in volume. 2, 5, 7 cars in a group buy is not volume. Think Enterprise or Hertz type volume.


I hear rental car companies buy directly from the manufacturer, rather than getting bids from dealers.


Valid point. I always assumed they went through a fleet dept, but it would make more sense to go straight to the Mfg. being national conglomerates.


You are correct.


I’m looking for this deal also. I commute to Manhattan and use 5 gallons of gas a day! I’ve got all the northern NJ guys quoting Fees/Tax/Docs/First month $1789 at signing and 290 month for the Touring with selling at 25780 and 16120 residual. I’ve just come across a Buying Service and they are in NY with the same drive off but 215 per month for Touring. But I have yet to see that deal in writing.


In NY there is a $1700 rebate paid to the dealer, not available to Jerseyites


Hi , could you MA PM info , and if I get from MA, can I get CA REBATE , not MA REBATE ?thank you so much


You expect a MA resident to know or research this for you? Have you read the CVRP requirements? It’s very clear.


What u talking bout, Willis?


Anyway to do this deal in NY this month?


Search and find the NY deals.


I’m also looking for a deal in California. Bay Area specific.


Does anyone know if Honda Financial Services offers “lease cash” to dealers in NM and TX of at least the $7800 figure? My guess is other than northeast and CA, all the other states would offer the minimum $7800 as lease cash. Am I wrong?


Has anyone looked at openroadhonda ? I have seen clarity touring leases with $169 something…


Ask at Edmunds…they will know the rebates for NM + TX