2018 Honda Clarity Base 36 months, 10K Miles per year - $219 Monthly, $1164 Due at signing plus tax



For sure. I don’t live there so I can’t really get it at that price. Unless I register the car with you :slight_smile:


Not the best deal sir. Which state? We are seeing 8k before state incentives in the Northeast…


Any reason why you are doing one pay? MF is already low. You can put your money in safe investment mutual fund and earn at least 6-8%. I think you need to compare one pay and monthly with 0 das.

And ahould be less than 8k before state incentives.


In NY what state are you referring to by northeast


I would they said month over month would add another approx 1500 to the total cost.


Lol… I know.

Anyways, I leased one in MA (for $5312 after rebate) and my first thought was “Wow… this guy must be a tough negotiator if he was able to drop it down by another $600”.

If you’re happy with the deal, that’s the only thing that matters! It is a pretty nice car, so enjoy…


Your reabte is 900 more then NY. Which puts me out about 800 more then you paid. Don’t get me wrong 800 is a lot! But this was in about a day of negotiating and was the furthest I got for the color I want. If someone can help me get a better deal please free to pm as I didn’t sign yet.

At the end of the day it’s a 35k car (not that I would ever pay that much for it)


Hey, Pm’d you


A dealer called me $270 with $1k das includes tax and everything. How does that sound? 3/36k and this is in NY.


Come on man. Simple math shows you are overpaying by several thousands …


Oh forgot to mention. This is for the touring not base. Touring rv is .42


Yes, a pricey upgrade from base. Base is 6k one pay, yours is 10k total cost. MSRP difference is also 4k…


So get this, another dealer called me and its $229 with $1800 das. And i just learned that 10k that everyone is arguing about is only available for ny city. Dont know how true is that.

Havent gotten all the details yet since i am at work but i did talk to the guy and he confirmed it.


Vhooloo is a tire kicker. He never buys the apple. Never drove to NJ. I guess you save the most money by just trolling the forums and not buying. I should have done that but got too engaged in the thrill of the deal for a 3rd car that’s fugly.


In the calculator there is a spot for “post sales rebate” (i.e. clean vehicles) so for those saying one pay is around $6K but yet the monthly is around $244 (244 x 36 ~ $8700), are you applying the $3000 as cash on top of the final price?


Not so straight forward. My one pay sales contract is posted st $7800 showing the whole breakdown. Post sale rebate varies by state so will not allow :apple: to :apple:


I paid $5725 for one pay base model. Honda of Nanuet.


Awesome deal…

Is this is after the NY state rebate? Either way it is a great price…


Wow killer deal!

Didn’t you have a thread where you said you can get 5k off. Is this the deal?

Can you post a copy of the contract for reference.


Taxdr you need to post details. Saying one pay this and that is not going to help anyone here. Is this 3/36k? Is dmv included? Is that with college grad? what else is included or not included? Post details so leasehackr can do the math easily. Not everyone can get all the rebate you know.