2018 Honda Accord Touring 2.0T

While I’m not new to leasing, I wouldn’t say I’m a pro either.

I would appreciate if I could get everyone’s thoughts on the Honda Accord deal I was offered. Here’s the details:

2018 Honda Accord Touring 2.0T
MSRP - $31,200
Discount - -$2,539.22
Sale Price - $28,660.78

Taxes - $1,733.69
Document Fee - $210.00
DMV Fee - 47.00
Delivery Price - $30,651.47

Cash Due at Signing - $429.59
Term - 36 mo
Money Factor - .00092
Monthly Payment - $381.15
Mileage - 12k miles per year
Total Mileage Allowed - 36,000
Residual Value - $18,096.00

This deal is in West Michigan.

Again, I’m new to the forum, but I would appreciate your thoughts. Can I do better?


Have you compared your deal to the other Accord deals posted here ?

Your dealer discount is laughable for one

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Care to explain? Incomplete posts like this don’t really help anyone…

Your numbers come out to around the same as this deal, but they managed to get 15k miles a year instead of 12k and lower cash due at signing. Might be due to some variance in markets, but you might want to push for more off the MSRP. They are around 12% off MSRP, while you’re around 8%.

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This looks like the MSRP for an Accord Sport.

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OP posts that it’s an Accord Touring so I’m taking their word for it. Not very familiar with the Honda lineup at the moment so I cannot comment.

I have, and it seems comparable. But I’m also looking for as much feedback and knowledge as possible when making a major purchase decision like this.

Thank you!

So here’s what I was told. They’re willing to offer me this lease rate in a Touring or a Sport… “just to get me into one.” :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m going to go out on a limb and say they wont lease you a 2.0 touring at that price if you walk into the dealership tomorrow. The car has a MSRP 5,500 dollars above the sport model. It would certainly be a better deal than the 2.0 sport model.


Sport 2.0 MSRP should be $31,205
Touring 2.0 MSRP should be $36,695

You need to get the correct figures and vehicle from the dealer. Seems like they are playing some games here. I doubt the 2.0 Sport and the 2.0 Touring have the same RV.

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Go on driveaccord.com to see what people are paying. The discounts are massive. $5-6k off MSRP on a Touring isn’t ridiculous. Buy this car if you want it, dont lease it.

As for the dealer’s comment on Sport vs Touring, I want to see that on a printed out sheet. That simply won’t pass finance/AHFC and it sounds like a bait and switch.

Battle Creek Honda was very competitive when I bought my Accord, but I paid a couple more bucks to stay local (Troy Honda).

To throw a wrench in the thread, have you considered a TLX lease or Q50 lease? As a general rule of thumb, it makes sense to look at the luxury models (Acura, etc) to compare lease prices versus the everyday models (Honda, etc) at higher trim levels because of how high payments can get on high-end Honda Accords, etc. Also, Accords happen to not be leasing well as others have said, but things are cyclical.

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Was that their idea of a sick joke? Run away from these clowns :clown_face:

So here’s an update:

This past Friday my wife and I stopped by the dealer so that she could take a look at the car.

I also requested a written quote for the Touring. The salesman seemed taken aback, but said he would definitely get me one.

A few minutes went by, he some back with $479/mo written on a piece of paper. Said something about a misunderstanding. Despite my insistence, he said that is the lease price.

Needless to say, we walked out and will NOT be doing business there. I’m happy to name the dealer, but not sure that’s allowed on this forum.

I have. I was quoted in the high $500’s for a AWD TLX. :roll_eyes:

I was quoted low $600’s for a Q50 sport AWD, and mid $700’s for a Q50 Red Sport. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I think you need to focus on selling price, and let the monthly payment be what it is…

The Accord Touring quote isn’t insane. That’s how poorly Accord Tourings lease.

Take a look at the forum for Q50 and TLX quotes and deals people have signed. They are similar to your Accord quotes. Market value is much lower than what you were quoted per month on TLX/Q50. You need to know the end target price before giving up on any particular negotiation. Everyone who gets great lease prices typically gets several bad quotes from different dealers before arriving at a great payment. A lease worksheet would likely prove you were quoted a near full MSRP deal. Thousands and thousands of gross for the dealer on that Q50. Once you have all the information and understand it, you will win.

While disappointing, you did he right thing by asking for the written estimate up front. The rest is just salesman BS that plenty of others never question,

Now you can move forward intelligently with your eyes wide open.

These are all garbage quotes. You can search the forum for better

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