2018 GMC Terrain SLE or Buick Encore - $149 / 0 down / 24 months

can you get me this deal in miami, fl?

No we cannot get this deal in Miami, Florida. As Mani stated, this deal is for California. PM me if you have any questions that I can help with.


Im in Miami as well. Cant we just lease this out of state and drive it or have it shipped back to Miami?

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GM doesn’t lease across state lines.

Can you get me this deal, or something similar in NJ/NYC area?

This is a California deal, but I’ll PM you.

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BiggL, I’m in NorCal and was entertaining the idea, but don’t have current lease.

I believe the lease conquest rebate is worth $1500. Without the lease you’ll pay that $1500 amount or around ~$60/month extra over a 24 month term

Blaster is right. It’s approx $60+Tax extra for a 24 month lease without the $1,500 competitive lease.

Does anyone know if a Buick private offer would stack with these Encore deals? I can’t seem to find any language that excludes it.

I’m guessing it is similar to the old GM private offers which didn’t stack with conquest or loyalty (but hopefully I am incorrect)

That’s what I’m thinking, the disclaimer just says “not available with some other offers” though.

Too bad this isn’t in NYC, helping a friend on a terrain SLE AWD and literally can’t break below $315 a month

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Right but mark Christopher never has any inventory. I’m friends w some mgrs there and they said so as well

Their ad for this weekend says they have 5 units with the $149 payment/$1033 drive off. I suspect they go quick at that rate.

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Blaster, that they do. The drives change if you are in a different tax area. So it’s tough to get the actual advertised number there. That’s why I would with other dealers as well. That way I can get something great done.

Need to pickup terrain today or tomorrow:

Have Mini lease expiring oct 6.
10k/year mileage

Don’t care about 24 or 36 months

Zero drive off zero Down.

Zip code is Socal: 90291

What’s best monthly?

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Which dealership you work for? I maybe interested in a good deal.

I’m a broker. So I have contacts at dealerships, but I do not work at any of them.

Any good deal like the OP, now? True 0 down, 24 or 36 months…