2018 GMC Terrain $160/m sign and drive

I’m currently at 149 a month including taxes for 24months /10k year with first payment due at signing only. The car was curtesy car (under 5k miles ) 29k msrp
SLE trim not sure to go with it yet !

Keep in mind with GM, being over 1,000 miles at inception, you would be limited to 20k total miles, so you would only get to drive 15 k miles if the odometer is currently at 5k.

My 15k per year Encore had 3k miles, so my 15k per year is actually only 13.5k per year.

Unless they deducted the $.20/mile upfront for miles >1,000. Can’t tell from his post, however.

I’ll ask it has around 1700 miles

I’m working on a deal for GMC Terrain SLE FWD - MSRP$ 31,620 with following options:
Liftgate, Rear Power TB5
Driver Confidence Package ZQ2
Remote engine starter
Dual-zone climate control
Passenger ventilation controls
Driver bucket front seat heated with 10-way power power height, power lumbar and power tilt, front passenger seat front seat heated
Roof rails
Driver Alert Package I B26
Overtaking sensor
Rear cross-traffic alert
Rear radar parking distance sensors
Body-color heated driver and passenger power door mirrors with turn signals
LED side indicator lights
Wheel Lock Kit (Dealer) SFE

Looking at deal with$1656 up front fees (Doc Fees & Registration in South Florida are Rip-off) & $219 a month tax included. 36/10K
This is using $7000 in rebates/incentives including Conquest. Approximately 7% off MSRP (with MF of .00117 & 55% RV.
This one is for my mother-in-law who finds smaller SUVs easier to get in & out. Test drive tomorrow. Any suggestions?

go for this buick instead

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Are you sure about that? I got my Civic Hatchback via a dealer trade (I wanted the blue one) and so it had like 500 miles on it or something like that. In the contract they wrote the initial mileage and added 36k miles to it so I will get the full 3 year 36k miles.

That’s a Honda, not a GM…2 different captives…2 different rules.

You had under 500 miles, @adamcar mentioned over 1,000.

@adamcar is absolutely correct. You are comparing apples to oranges.


I was just asking the question no need to get all testy about it.

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I’m not getting testy. Sorry you took it that way.

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Mother-in-law needs the power liftgate and other features listed

10% off MSRP is what you should shoot for.

In NYC the lowest I could get them to go is 6%, I don’t know how you guys get 10% off or more…

Man, I know one thing… all the dealers I reached out to a week or so ago that didn’t pan out… are all emailing asking what it’d take to make a deal. I bet before 04/02 we see even more awesome Terrain deals.

I’m locking it down today. MSRP $36k SLE AWD 2.0 model

Driver convenience package
Driver alert package
Infotainment system

Monthly payment $258/month 15k miles/year

Have to pay taxes upfront and the doc fees and title/registration which is coming out to $2200. Do I have to pay taxes on my incentives as well which are about $7000?

Is that a good deal?

Don’t post the same question in multiple threads.


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Oh I just saw this deal. Looks like my deal wasn’t special at all, since it was the exact same one.

I thought u were looking for an Encore. Let me know early AM if yoy havent signed yet

I needed the features on the GMC Terrain for Mother-in-law. We just signed. Good luck with your group venture!

Congrats ! And yes it went well !