2018 Ghibli refreshed!

I would hold off on getting a 2017. Anytime there’s a refresh like this would significantly devalue the older one. I’m liking the 2018 refreshed look!

That would mean 488 deals coming back. :slight_smile:


The Ghibli is such a trash car according to all reviews, and yet I want it just because its a Maserati…LOL.


2018 models just have a small facelift nothing major…
Anyone want a good deal on 2017 should get one.
I dont think the 2018 is a crazy major change. IMO.

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The exterior face lift is so minor, only owners and enthusiasts would ever notice. The S and SQ4 engines are getting a boost in HP, however.

The 2014 Ghibli was trashed for liberal use of cheap Chrysler switchgear and lack of luxury features. Over the years, the Ghibli has been slowly refined. All the missing electronic nannies are finally options. The new infotainment system is much nicer, better integrated in the dash, and includes CarPlay, etc. The 2018 is adding soft close doors. It still has some cheap feeling, but functional switchgear. Overall though, it’s starting to be more class competitive. The Ghibli is currently a deal because you can get it so far below MSRP. I’d be concerned that with all the refinement they start demanding more of that high MSRP.

LoL exactly this. Plus every women in my area love Maserati because the name sound nice.

Isnt maintenance high on these?

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Saw a dealer has 20k off msrp last week on fb ads. Almost pulled the trigger last time when Anahiem has 489 deal until i did some research the maintenence is way too expensive (1k/year) and some insurance company are picky about Maserati brand.

It’s about the right time of the year too. Phantom?

Does this extend to Maserati drivers?

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You said my name!

Listen after owning the 2017 Ghibli for over 1 year now I can give a sense of ownership.

We just did the first year maintenance which came out to $700 OTD from the dealer (thankfully covered with pre-paid maint pack). I always get a Ghibli loaner which is brand new so that’s nice while it’s in for service.

Yes the lack of some features here and there that my BMW had is a slight pain but the infotainment being Apple Carplay/Android Auto makes up for a lot of that IMO. Yes the backup camera is low-res but as long as it shows me an image I can figure out what’s going on (I’m not trying to read a novel on it).

Insurance? Liberty Mutual covers my car no problem at all the day I got it.

The attention? TONS! TONS! TONS!

ex. “Oh is that a Maserati!?”

"Look! It’s a Maserati! "

"Man that sounds good! "

“Quad exhaust? Nice.”

“That’s my dream car.”

On and on it goes. The car drives dramatically and the ownership experience is dramatic along with it :slight_smile:


This is very tempting - to get into a Maserati for less than what they want at my local Mercedes stealership. May have to start calling around SoCal.

Are people really getting $20k off MSRP?

I am not sure where you’re located, but a dealer in PA offered 10% off in email, so I am assuming 20% is quite/maybe possible. However, my auto insurance (you’re in good hands company) quoted me $800 increase in 6 months.

Went to test drive at my local dealer - very sweet! The sports seats were quite comfortable and did not experience the “harsh” ride that reviewers have mentioned.

However when I asked the price they quoted $1400/month on an $88k MSRP!! Absurd. The lowest they would go was $848/mo. even though I told them 4 other dealers were pricing at $499/mo.

Time to head to down Orange County.

499 for an 88k msrp car? I would get it just on principle alone.

That’s a Gran Turismo which starts at much higher msrp and after options compared to a Ghibli

The sub $500 deals usually are for a stripped down base model (about 73k), with a low mileage allowance, and with several thousand dollars of cap reduction.

Anaheim Hills is currently offering a $73k MSRP for $439/mo, but for only 5,000 miles, and with $4,888.00 in cap reduction. That equates to about $610/mo for 10,000 miles and zero cap reduction, assuming you can get them to make those concessions. It is a good place to start though. The $20k price reduction being offered by O’Gara in Westlake CA looks huge. I’m curious what kind of lease deals could be worked out with that kind of gap between MSRP and sales price. I bet you could get that 86k S model for right around $700 with tax and the $79k base model for under $600 with tax.

Who says? Here’s the deal we got last year.

2017 Maserati Ghibli RWD
Color: White ext./Black int.
MSRP: $72,850
Term: 36 months, 12k miles
$542/month with 7.5% taxes
Drive Offs: ~$1500 (rounded up)

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