2018 F150 XLT $328 24/10.5, $0 Driveoff MSRP $51495



I have alot experience with these - trust me! The one’s that aren’t transferable are the ones Ford emails to you because you’re in their database already or assigns after you go to Ford.com to request a brochure for which you provide your information.

This is from an unassigned random popup I received and is in a blank registration form fill format. I was randomly searching F150 info and was not signed-in anywhere. I got two of them back to back this Summer and filled them in for other Buyers that reported back to me as being successful without any problem. I just need to get someone’s information to fill it in because it’s in an open tab on my computer.

Anyone interested can send me a message.


I sent you a message.


Thanks for all of your hard work in the F150 pricing thread. It was very helpful in setting target pricing when I was truck shopping. [Maybe it set unreal expectations for me as due to a combination of poor incentives in my region and dealers reluctant to go real deep on discount I couldn’t hit my lease price target with the F150 even with a 3k PCO.]


Yeah thanks and I hear you! Just talked to a CT guy that I’ve been working with and he’s in the same boat. The Dealiars just won’t go low with leases and with regular purchases they won’t go more than 8% True Dealiar Discount. That’s why I purchased mine at Koons in Baltimore!


Yeah, my other challenge on a lease was the really low incentives in the South compared to other regions. On a $52.5K XLT with $2500 in package savings, the $3k PCO and a $6K dealer discount, the monthly lease in my region was ~$400 on a 24/12 and higher on a 36/12 (and getting that $6k discount was not happening in my area and wasn’t having much success expanding the search).


Hoping these dealers get a little more anxious soon. I went to two dealers here in metro Portland, Oregon and both were barely 5% of MSRP including $1750 lease incentives on 2018 XLT 4x4. One also padded the MF 1.7pts. This for 2018 XLTs where both dealers had 30+ units on their lots, while the 2019s are already showing up.


I’m glad I found this site.
I just got an offer at the dealership for 2018 XLT with sports package.
MSRP at 50655,
Customer Savings 7355
Lease Rebate 1500
Dealer Added Accessorries 1845
with came down to Cash Price 43546.00

then, tax (3215.38) and total fees (809.99) were added, which got to
Total charges to 47670.37

With 39/10.5, with no money down, they have me 696/a month,
then I got it down to 600.01 with 2000 down.

I thought it was a great deal until I saw what others were paying for! 300 or 400/month!

I couldn’t find any PCO, but after seeing other member’s monthly payments,
I feel stupid and don’t know where to start.

This is my first time leasing a car, so if anyone could jump in and help me with this,
I’d truly appreciate it!!


Its usually cheaper to go with a 24 month lease.
The private offer expired in october.
Keep looking for deals. Don’t rush your purchase


Anybody having luck this month with getting the $3k PCO?

Hellcat, $500 a month, nothing down!

I’ve been searching. They appear to be out there but I haven’t found anyone that is able to get one for me.


Any luck asking on social media sites that Ford “listens” to ??


Nope been trying everywhere. No luck.

Hellcat, $500 a month, nothing down!