2018 F150 XLT $328 24/10.5, $0 Driveoff MSRP $51495



Absolutely amazing deals on this vehicle. I’d love to see the link to the Ford Private Cash Offer (PCO for those that don’t know the acronym). If I got the link, I’d run down and lease an F150 for under $400/mo as an extra vehicle.

Most of my local dealers are offering $700 to $1,000 dealer discount on these vehicles, which is beyond atrocious.


I agree. I think hes just making the assumption that 24 always costs more than 36.


@senwia did you find the PCO link?


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Being bumbed by the difference for the platinum trim. Only $250 inventive :roll_eyes:


Its the zipcode. Incentives in the SE are terrible on all trims of F150.


But do you know if the Platinum incentives are better elsewhere? I tried to check on edmunds to see what other people in different areas getting. Didnt see a request for Platinums.


Using autobytel, there is a 2250 lease incentive in the OH and NY zipcodes I checked. Not sure how much , if any, the RV and MF adjust in those regions and if the extra incentive more than makes up for it.


I checked NY zip 10281 and I get
|Platinum 4x4 SuperCrew Cab Styleside 5.5’ Box |$250| 1/2/2019|Bonus Cash
(RCL Customer Cash)|


If I can replicate this deal I would pick up my f-150 yesterday


It shows up for me for 10281


Just picked up my truck. Time for the fun part which I’m a little confused with my numbers.

MSRP 52,395
Selling price 46,240.83
Monthly payment 318.95 (added the bed liner)
Cash due at signing $0
Incentives/rebates 7,800 ($3,000 PCO)
C.O.D. NO? 983.95

Term 36 months
Miles 10,500


The numbers match up fairly close if I use RV and MF for my region. Your first post said 0 down, which may have been true if the $983 was driveoffs (doc fee, tags, etc.). Your discount was only 7%, so the dealer made some money. But luckily you are in a region with good lease incentive support, so your lease price is very good.


I guess the $0 down is confusing me. I didn’t spend any money out of pocket. Is the drive offs what COD stands for?


Awesome deal! Man i wish i had rebates in my area like some of you guys… My payment would have been in the 100s lol


Could be some internal dealer lease math to make the numbers work on their end. If they didnt collect anything from you, then dont worry about it.

Great deal by the way. Post some pictures in the trophy thread.


I have an F150 going off lease. How can I get a PCO?


My PCO link died last week. About the same time it quit appearing in every F150 search I performed.


I have a PCO that I’m not going to use for an F150 or Super Duty I’m not going to use and willing to work something out on it for anyone interested.


They aren’t transferable. They are linked to your name