2018 F150 XLT $328 24/10.5, $0 Driveoff MSRP $51495


After calling every single dealer in a Colorado this is the best deal I got that 90% couldn’t even come close to. I worked VERY hard on this deal and I’m probably blacklisted from most Ford dealers… but oh well!! Great deal IMO. Came with bed liner and steps as well. Dealer said with good review and he would tint my windows for free as well!

2018 Ford F-150 XLT

**MSRP: $51,495
**Selling Price: $42791
**Monthly Payment: $328
**Cash Due at Signing: $0
**Incentives:$ 5500 (3k PCO, 2500 rebates)

**Annual Mileage:10,500
**MF: .35%
**Residual: 63%


Nice deal! Put up some pics!

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Do you have a link for the $3k PCO


Pics up!!!..


The guy on f150 forum was helping people get them but I haven’t been able to get ahold of him in the last couple days. Have a friend that’s looking to replicate


Same, please post if you are able to source a PCO. I don’t think that guy is helping anymore


Nice deal and nice truck ! I’ll be in the market for one come january

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That’s a sweet deal. I’m trying to replicate it in NJ. We’re the rebates applied after the selling price?


Did you try out of state at all? I might be doing one of these next year and think that Nebraska dealers might not be a bad place to try.


2018 F-150 XLT S-Crew

MSRP: 51,665
Monthly Payment: 277 (including IN 7%)
Cash Due at signing: 790 (1st month and taxed incentives)

Doing a 24 month, 10.5k lease.

I havent gotten deep into the lease numbers yet and am actually going to the dealership tonight, so far they have been the most straight forward. I am thinking of trying to negotiate to 275$ a month with just 1st month down. Looking for opinions before I go in tonight.


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To lease or not before year end?

I think you should jump, quickly. Don’t walk away from an amazing deal.

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My only concern is, I haven’t negotiated at all… this is literally the first quote back from the dealer with no negotiation on my end. Would make me feel like a sucker to walk in and accept their first offer.

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So? Have you gotten other quotes from area dealers to compare against it?

Seems to me that the only sucker move would be to try and negotiate and lose this deal when the dealer realizes how cheap it is.

Maybe someone with more F-150 experience can lean in - but this is one of the strongest deals we’ve seen here if it is what you say.

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Other dealers had issues going below 300, maybe I’ll ask for a ford hat and call it a day.

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Let us know how it goes tonight ! Wanna hear feedback


Take the deal…


275 a month 800 down, had them throw in a bed liner and a 20$ service certificate(because they were out of hats) Will post pics tomorrow when I get it delivered. They couldn’t hand it over tonight until the seatbelt recall is handled in the AM and they are going to put the liner in and deliver it to me about 90 miles away.


Sweet deal , could you post the full details or the lease worksheet? Would help a lot !


Did you get the ford protection package. IMO it’s worth it. Up to 5000 of damages when you turn in the vehicle… dealer wanted 700 but did it for 500. Covers windshield, dents etc…


What incentives? Pco?