2018 F150 XLT $328 24/10.5, $0 Driveoff MSRP $51495



Have a PCO? If not go to the F150 forum, might be able to get one


Selling Price?


For lease purposes, the original msrp counts (which helps because it is about a 5% uplift ($2500) on msrp for the max equipped XLTs).


I tried your link, but it didnt work for me. Gave me a page error.

I was wrong above.

I have the a plan. Rebates were at 6800. All said and done, I think sell price was about 39800.
MSRP 54205, minus the package discounts 51705.

A plan 46345.

I forgot to add I added wheel coverage because of Michigan.

I believe the rate was 1.2, don’t know the residual. I didnt ask any questions on MF and residual. I think my trade equity pretty much covered the add ons, they upped the trade value.

This is a XLT Screw 2.7L.

I was one of those guys, just walked in told them what I wanted, haggled a little on the add ons and got my payment where I wanted it to be…not sure if I could have gotten better.


Haven’t been able to find someone to get more PCO out there as the guy on f150 forum is no longer active. Have several friends that would be in on an f150 if PCO was still available


They really want to push some trucks in your area, with that level of incentives. 1800 in my region on the same vehicle.


Just leased mine, picking up the 16th.

2018 F150 XLT
MSRP $49,895
Selling price ***
$0 down
Payment $312

I added a liner and keep forgetting the floor mats.


Do you have the lease worksheet or the breakdown of rebates / discounts ? Also was the PCO applied ?


True zero due at signing?

A breakdown will be helpful for otters.

Seems like a good deal tho. Curious as to why 36 months as opposed to 24 tho, since they seem to be leasing better at 24 due to the large amount of rebates


Yes, I echo those above. Please share your details?


I used the $3k PCO. I should have the paperwork tomorrow. I can give the full breakdown once I get them. And yes $0 out of pocket.


Congrats. 24 months may be cheaper (but no guarantees the same deal will be available to find again in 24 months). The 5500 (11%) savings of the PCO plus package discounts, makes for a sweet lease deal, especially in markets that have decent incentives for leasing.


Thanks, ya I was thinking the same thing but the salesman said it would be more at 24. Hopefully 3 years from now a redesign may be coming and we all get some sweet deals. Couldn’t of done it with you cheapdad00.


Anyone in ny with deals like this i have been trying to get a xl stx crew 24/12 but im getting numbers in the high $3-low $4? With $0 down +tax dmv 1st month


The incentives look good in NY, $5050 if you choose a 2.7L ecoboost version that also has $2k in package savings plus the special package bonus. 10% dealer discount combined with that and that gets you low to mid 300s without a PCO.


Whats a pco?


Private cash offer --> anywhere from 750 to 3000. Stacks on top of most other rebates.


Ok thanks i see you send me a link but it doesnt show any pco


Nice! I have good rebates here too, been trying to find a way to get a PCO. I thought they were dried up but I guess not.


Tell the salesmen to run the numbers on 24. He doesn’t know what he is talking about