2018 BMW 530i - MSRP $59,880 - $201 per month in Texas w/ one pay

you’re absolutely right… without even taxes added…yikes

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Straight up obnoxiously good deal. Great job man. You win leasehackr.

So that selling price was the advertised selling price on the dealer website? You just went in, got to F&I then asked them to change it to lease?

They only have a 19 5-series loaner, but it’s barely discounted and there;s not much money on it so it wont lease well at all

Probably not that simple, otherwise there’s a good chance they call him back in and rewrite it since finance incentives won’t apply to leases

True “unicorn”

I always get mixed up by how tax credits work

Enjoy the car! Looks good in black

I do, too. It’d be cool to see the contract and get an explanation for how all the math worked out with those tax credits. Not that till ever apply for us out of state.

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it was a bit more complex than that, they tried telling me that the price included all the rebates if I financed through BMWFS, so I told them I would go through the credit union and got on the phone “to call my rep” and then they agreed to selling it at the asking price without rebates and then i switched to the lease.

F&I guy was a bit annoyed for making him “waste time” but it had to be done that way to secure the deal I wanted, not the one they were trying to give me, then he had the audacity to tell me it was an “okay” deal.


it’s not really a tax credit, it’s just an incentive for doing the one-pay, they wont do it on regular monthly lease… and they usually cut short loyalty/conquest or even lease cash in Texas to make up for the difference i guess but in this case it saved me about $2500 so idc lol

You should write a script, play by play on how to make a deal… you could call it “The art of making a deal”. Oh wait

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lol, I should be a broker… I actually enjoy doing this.

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If you can get me deal of similar kind in Texas, I’ll happily pay you. Seriously.
Heck you can even recover your one pay doing that. Just a thought.

I would pay you $500 to get me A “Pegasus” deal you know a unicorn with wings. 2019 BMW X5. Being a 2019 and new model it will be little more than yours. So let’s aim for $301 36 month lease.

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If i find one for that monthly, i’ll pick it up for myself because YOLO.

If i find another one, i’ll get it for my wife.

If i find another one, i’ll get it for my mom.

For 500, you wouldn’t make the top ten of the list lol


if my $500 buys me 11 on your list I’m good with that… lol

I’d like to one pay an x7 for $37600

Excellent deal!

Sounds like you’ve officially arrived. Once you get on that high, you never get off. Next thing you know, you’ll blink and then years later you’ll have over $1,000/mo in lease payments on three cars you don’t even need since you work from home…

Or maybe that’s just me.


I literally pay more for insurance than I do for any of my 4 cars, but yes you right.

the best part is OP is paying more for their 2018 320xi than 2018 530i LOLLLLL


I started off by saying it wasn’t the best but not the worst :confused: it was still a good car to me lol it was the best I could do with the market and incentives at the time