2019 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring FWD (advice needed)


First time leaser and need some help. I haven’t seen any deals signed for the 2019 Mazda CX-5 and that’s making it difficult for me to start negotiations with the dealers in my area. I’m trying to get a 36/12 for less than $350 per month.

Mazda CX-5 Grand touring
In my location the Residual is 62% and the MF is .00139 with lease incentive of $505 (per Edmunds). I’ve looked up some prices on TrueCar, and a local dealer is offering the price of $29,710 (MSRP is 31,240).

I worked out the numbers on the calculator, and the monthly comes out to $390 after taxes.

In order for the monthly to go down to $350 i would need the adjusted capital cost to go down to at least $28,500 (a discount of 9% off the MSRP).

I’m planning on reaching out tomorrow to a few dealers via email with the offer I mentioned above.

Any advice? Are my calculations correct?

I would say that’s an easy deal, for that I would go to the dealer and escalate til I get to the manager and he won’t let me walk, they more than likely have back end incentives and should be able to give that sales price relatively easy.

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Thanks for your input. What are your thoughts on a $350 monthly payment on this model?

Previously via Cody from SoCal he offered a $350 monthly payment for a Toyota XLE (wih convenience package) but I was not thrilled with the test drive I did at a local dealer. The XLE is beautiful on the outside and inside but the driving experience was subpar. Hence why I’m looking at the CX-5 which drove SO smooth on my test drive.

You realize XLE is a trim and not a model?

It’s a cute car, but I would be much happier in an X3 for maybe a bit more per month…but I may be biased.

I think it offers good value for the money, but i’m all about them crazy bmw deals like the one i just picked up.

but for the general public i think it’s okay, not great. doesn’t beat the 1% rule for payment to msrp ratio

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he meant a Rav4

Oops forgot to add RAV4. I’m sure u knew what i was referring to.

Bump. Anyone have any other advice

  1. Ask dealer if they will accept your offer
    IF YES - You have a deal
    IF NO - Contact another dealer and repeat step 1.

Sounds easy when you put it like that.

So helpful!

There’s no magic pill here. If you want that payment, you ask if they’ll accept or you move down to Touring trim. Nothing else is negotiable (RV/MF if it’s buy rate/Rebates) outside of selling price.

Yup sent a few emails with my offer this morning. I’ll see how it goes. Worse case I’ll take the easy route and get one of Cody’s RAV4 deals.