2018 BMW 530i - MSRP $59,880 - $201 per month in Texas w/ one pay

if my $500 buys me 11 on your list I’m good with that… lol

I’d like to one pay an x7 for $37600

Excellent deal!

Sounds like you’ve officially arrived. Once you get on that high, you never get off. Next thing you know, you’ll blink and then years later you’ll have over $1,000/mo in lease payments on three cars you don’t even need since you work from home…

Or maybe that’s just me.


I literally pay more for insurance than I do for any of my 4 cars, but yes you right.

the best part is OP is paying more for their 2018 320xi than 2018 530i LOLLLLL


I started off by saying it wasn’t the best but not the worst :confused: it was still a good car to me lol it was the best I could do with the market and incentives at the time

good Lord…

Mamma Mia…it keeps getting better…

The Leasing Gods all aligned for you…

Nice work dude :+1:

Wait, so your final cost was below residual? Wow!

Do you think they knowingly gave you the deal or made a some mistake on their calculation? I just think it would fly off their lot even for double of what you paid if they simply advertised in their website.

Last I checked with my sales guy, he told me BMW does not offer rate reduction due to one pay. Maybe @BMW_Dave can chime in.

You asked if we were ready but I still fell off my chair reading this deal. Well played!!!

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I pay for more in beer in a month than @bmwislife is paying for this lease!!! Bravo!!!

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The lease won’t fund if it is written for below the residual FYI.

Maybe I’m missing something then… he lists sales price as 44677, then has 6k in incentives, so final price is 38677, residual is slightly larger at 38690!

I am certified grape jelly

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OL code $500 is my guess

Just cap the acq fee/taxes/etc to solve that.

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That too lol