2018 BMW 330i xDrive (Not a Loaner). Deal Check?

Hopefully not Erhard :rofl:

Or Ann Arbor :rofl::rofl:

Thank you sir. This is super helpful. I am from MI if you could introduce any dealership that would be great!

Midwest here too, they just will not deal as well as the coasts for whatever reason. After the 2018 lease support back on news, I just spent 2 days trying to work a 2018 320i Xdrive, best I could get the dealer to was 11.5% off MSRP. Was willing to work with that until he sent the deal sheet…MF was marked up so high it was .00070 AFTER 7 MSDs. What a joke.

You’re wasting time on this dealer my friend. I am finding dealers listing on their website 320i’s for 20% off.

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I’m also from Michigan and would much appreciate any leads you have!

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Flow BMW manager has told me he is focusing on moving his 18s, never got numbers but worth a shot

Hey bro, just reading your post from BMW Ann Arbor experience. I got a similar one from them on a MSRP 52xxx 2019 series, the saleman guy asked for a monthly leasing amount of $7xx to start the discussion with me… what a joke! He even showed me the lease calculator from their website with a discount of $1000 off. Worst experience ever!

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Westox, see my post…if you want the dealer info, I’m happy to help.