2018 BMW 330i xDrive (Not a Loaner). Deal Check?

Hello, I got a quote from my local BMW dealer on a 2018 3 series with the numbers below. I haven’t negotiated yet. Any advice on how to improve? Any rebate/incentive I should mention? I feel the Selling price (7.5% off) is not good compared to what I saw from others posted here. I am from Midwest. Thank you.

MSRP: 49935
Selling Price: 46215
MF: 0.00165
RV: 29961
Cap Reduction: 5425
DAS: 1078
Monthly Payment including Tax: 470.5

I would push them way harder on reducing the selling price. This is a MY18 vehicle in May 2019. Maybe try 41,495? I would definitely shoot for payments w/ tax under $400. Can you give us more info on what exact options the car has? Options like the M Sport package give the dealer a bit more ground when it comes to negotiating.

They’re giving you an 8%-9% discount on a 2018 330i. This is insanely low. Shoot for 15% or higher.

2018 was replaced with a complete new redesign and I’ve seen new 2019 330xi lease for 450 to 550 a month.

Wait, so 2018’s still have BMWFS incentives (the $5425)???

What incentives are they applying? (I’am assuming $5500 by the looks of this cap cost reduction number)

Yeah there’s some shenanigans going on, enough dealers complained and we’re seeing support pop up in places other than the west coast.

Ugh. I feel like any dealer that got stuck with multiple 2018’s due to not being aggressive enough when they knew lease support was ending is probably not suddenly going to start being aggressive.

I’ll check with an MI dealer.

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I would be down to pick up a 2018 3 series unicorn, but not sure I have the energy. They should be pretty much giving away loaners at this point.

The discount off the MSRP should be MUCH steeper - BMW is taking orders for 2020 M340i’s!! That 2018 may have been sitting on the lot a long time…

If you search the forum, people have been able to get 2019 330s for 10-12% off, even for custom orders, all pre incentives.
There’s definitively room for more sales price reduction here.

Absolutely need to get a bigger discount, they NEED to get these off their lots by month’s end. I am finalizing a deal on a 2018 loaner today that is 20% off plus a 3500 lease rebate (it’ll be 313/mth for 51k). The loaners from 2018 that have >5k miles aren’t leasible but with even steeper discounts for purchase. If you’re set on avoiding a loaner they should still be in the 12% ballpark not 7.5.

Thank you for your reply. Any good wording example for getting back to the dealer with the proposed price? I tried to find some evidence from the forum that others getting 15%-20% off of the leasing. Is it a good idea to present information from here to the dealer? I am totally new to the negotiation process any help would be appreciated.

Here is the options the car has:

Black Dakota Leather $1450
18’’ Double-spoke wheels $600
Convenience Package $1750
Heated Steering Wheel $190
Heated front seats $500
Active Blind Spot Detection $500
Navigation system $1700
Destination Charge $995

Thank you sir. Yes that’s my impression too by reviewing others tips and deals. Just need to push back to the dealership for a better deal for sure!

Yes sir. From what I read this varies state by state. In my state (midwest), I got the incentive of this number. I could ask the dealer to break it down and see how it comes to $5425. My feeling is that this comes from BMW lease support program. I haven’t mention any rebates/incentive to the dealer.

From the quote it reads as “Cap Reduction”. Not sure what incentives to break down though. I could ask. You are right I do believe the lease support for 18 model varies by states.

Just send them an offer at 20% with base MF. i.e.;

MSRP: 49935
Selling Price: 39948
MF: 0.00165
Incentives: 5425

Don’t worry about monthly payment, you can calculate it yourself for whatever lease term you want, and as long as they don’t add anything else to the cap cost you’re golden. Get them to agree to a selling price exclusive of rebates and to honor base MF.

But odds are you’re not going to get any traction with a dealer offering such a pitiful discount on a 2018 demo. What state is this in? I can recommend a few dealers to try if you’re willing to obtain from MI or OH.

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Thank you sir. This is a MI dealer. I saw 15% off a 18 3 series from the forum, not sure whether that is possible in MI. BMW here is not willing to give much discount from my experience…

Exactly. I will try to push harder and see what I can get.

Actually we were inquiring 2019 model initially, they were quoting more than $6XX per month here in MI, with only $1500 off MSRP. I envy those who can get 10-12% off a 2019 model. Maybe it is just me, didn’t get any luck of quoting a better deal from BMW in MI.

Thank you for sharing your experience Sir. Congrats on the good deal! I will see what I can get. 7.5% is definitely not a good deal and that’s why I am posting to ask for feedback.