2018 Audi A4 2.0T Premium Plus Lease Deal - $554/month, $554 DAS, 36/12


Hi all. I’ve been helping a buddy get an Audi A4 Tech 2.0T Premium Plus in NY, at 36/12. First thing: there is extremely low inventory. Many dealer websites haven’t even updated, so they’re all sold out despite the sites saying there’s inventory.

One dealer is offering a MSRP $50,000 A4 for $559/month with $559 down. It is by far the best offer I received, and the highest MSRP I made an offer on (other dealers were near $600 bc they said there’s just no inventory anywhere, and they’re correct). I have little leverage here.

They’re not comfortable sending me offer breakdown, but he did mention the correct MF. However, he said the RV is at 51% but Edmunds Forums, as well as all the other dealers, had the RV at 52%. He said the manager insists it’s 51, but I really doubt it.

Any ideas as to how I can show that it’s 52%? This will really help the monthly, especially bc MSDs aren’t allowed in NY. I don’t think simply sending a link to the Edmunds forums will help. Is there a more direct source?

Thanks guys.

Edit: Ok I think I figured it out. Audi wanted to push out lower trims like the Premium, so they added “Tech” which bumped the RV up 1 point.
Higher trims, like the Premium Plus we got, already had the tech features, so they didn’t need to be added in, thereby keeping the RV in place at 51. Even the finance guy admitted it was weird that a lower trim has a higher RV.

Edit 2: Just some numbers off the top of my head:

2018 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro Premium Plus

MSRP: $49,540
Selling Price: $ ~42,000
Monthly Payment: $554
Cash Due at Signing: $554
MSD: $0 Unfortunately not allowed in NY. Otherwise coulda been ~$40 less per month
Incentives: $3250 $2,500 Audi Lease Cash, $750 Season of Audi cash
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: .00073
Region: NY

Leasehackr Calc Link Here: leasehackr.com/calculator?make=Audi&msrp=49,540&sales_price=43400&months=36&mf=.00073&dp=0&doc_fee=300&acq_fee=895&taxed_inc=3250&untaxed_inc=0&rebate=0&resP=51&reg_fee=75&sales_tax=7&memo=&zero_driveoff=true&monthlyTax_radio=true&miles=12000&msd=0

I needed to play around with the sale number to make it work

They can’t mess with the RV. That is set by the “bank”.

Are you sure you’re looking at December numbers?

Yes. I got Dec numbers off Edmunds and like I said, all the other dealer offers had it at 52.

I’m puzzled

Are you sure you are getting the same terms? 52% is probably for 10k miles and 51% for 12k.

I absolutely used 36/12 for all.

One question: is A4 2.0T not the same as A4 Tech? What is tech? I assumed the T was tech. That may be the diff

The T in 2.0T is turbo.


the 2.0T just means 2 litre turbo. The Tech is normally just a package on top of the trim level. The Tech might refer to it being part of the Summer of Audi where the Tech package was added to all vehicles at no extra cost.

Oh wow is I’m confused lol. So i think the diff is that Tech is 52 and non tech is 51.

What does Tech include?

Yeah the Summer of Audi vehicles got a 1% increase in RV, they must be rolling this over even though the offer ended months ago. Good to know.

I only really knew the package on the Q5’s, so might be different to the A4.

Oh wow ok. So for example, this car: https://www.bellaudi.com/new/Audi/2018-Audi-A4-for-sale-Edison-NJ-6b277bae0a0e0adf224e678d850ca045.htm says Tech in the description, but I dont see a tech package listed under packages?

Now I’m more confused…

They came down to $554/month with $554 DAS.

$50,000 MSRP. I’ll post more details when I get the offer breakdown. Seems like the best deal for essentially the last black/silver/grey A4 for hundreds of miles lol.

Please man. Don’t pay 500+ for an Audi A4. You can get 5 series/E class for that amount of money.

In NY the E series is coming in a lot higher than 500. My buddy just got a quote from MB of Manhattan and two other dealers and the lowest was 710. The msrp on those cars are high.

Ya but it’s not for me. My buddy wanted the A4. He already once had a BMW and didnt want another.

Also, based on previous deals I’ve seen on the forum, most A4s were over 500 before MSD (which cant be done in NY) and like I said before, this was the last one in the region, so that def worked against me.

Did you try Beiner, Lynbrook and audi of queens? Queens has 7 - A4’s in stock.

Yes. All were out of stock when I called. Websites were not updated. Queens had 2, but would not budge from over $600/month. I also tried all of North and Central NJ even CT! All out of stock except blue and red and white models. Some sold out as I was negotiating. He woulda taken silver, black, gray etc.

Even this one had 2 other active offers while I was texting the sales guy.

Maybe try one of the brokers on this forum, nyclife is supposed to be really good. He can at least tell you if you are in the ballpark. Everytime I looked at Audi in NY /NJ area they were always high. Will say lately MB has been just as high if not higher in this area.

The A4 that you linked is well optioned, especially with the black optics package…
It’s a shame posting a single photo, filthy car, and their photo does 0 justice for that color combo

You can’t do much better. That’s a 10% discount from the dealer plus $4250 in rebates, netting 18% off the car.

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The one I linked is not the one I got… it was just an example of one listed as Tech.