2017 QX60 AWD deal done

15k 39 Months. $390 Sign and Drive

Premium Premium, Plus Package, Pearl Paint, Spash Guards and Cargo Package. $51800 MSRP. I think I did good. :+1:t4:


Very good deal. Any rebates or anything that made this possible?

I can get the breakdown in the morning but there was VPP, dealer cash and rebates. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $13K off sticker. Quite a few dealers said they couldn’t get close to it.


Where was this? Best I could get was $500 with 0 down, everything rolled in. I am in Florida so dealer fee is terrible.

That’s an amazing deal, maybe next go around we can team up.

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Michigan. Fantastic experience.

Awesome deal! The QX60 seems to be the only luxury SUV with 3rd row seating where you can really grind for a good selling price.

In the market for the same car and very interested to see the numbers. Also depending on where in Michigan and if they’re willing to replicate, could make the drive over from IL…

Same here. Would drive from Ohio to replicate if dealer was willing.

Fantastic deal! Can you share the deal details? Exact msrp, selling price, breakout of each of the incentives, taxes, etc.? This will help the others looking for a similar deal (not that I am).

Yes that would be great!

Amazing deal.
A friend of mine has the 2016 for $499 sign and drive so your deal is great.

Very nice deal! makes me wonder how cheap a $46k msrp version would go for…

Can you message me the dealers name?

Can you share the deal details please. I am located in cleveland, OH and looking to lease the same car as well.
Would serve as a good comparison.

Can you tell us what dealer or salesperson? Or at least give more details or proof of deal?

I did a $45k QX60 about 3 months ago. True sign and drive, not even first month’s payment, $319/mo plus tax. That was for a 39/10k lease. Did have to do $3400 in MSD’s, though. Every dealership was super willing to negotiate. Great car to lease. Probably the best “luxury” 3-row SUV, as far as deals go.

But you almost get no option with 45k base model. Is that right?

I mean, you get enough to know it’s a base Infiniti and not a base Nissan. It has leather seats, heated seats, back up cam, folding mirrors, keyless entry, sat radio, xenon lights, LED DRL’s and fog lights, homelink, dual climate, etc. All basics on a luxury car but options (or higher trim) on a non-luxury one.

Thanks, that is good enough for some people.