2017 Maserati Ghibli $488 mo. 0 down 10,000mi

Just saw the ad on Facebook. It also comes with an allowance of 10,000 miles (most deals I see is 5,000 miles). Seems pretty solid to me. Link here



“Tax, title, lic and lease acq fee due at lease signing”

Still lots of money for Chrysler 300

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Wow. Is that real? I might go check that out tomorrow

Is this an SQ4 or just a base model?

Anyone has the MF/Residual

36/10k ?

That is good price for a 75k car, probably the residual is high and they giving 10k discount on the car.
But dont forget about the total cost, oil change around $400-500, tires brakes are expensive (2-3k), insurance will be $400-$600/mo range, lets alone some insurance company dont even cover Maserati. Dont pull trigger unless you can afford it. Just my 2 cents


Look at the MPG 17, 24… be prepared to visit gas station often.

U r breaking my balls here. Now that u have mentioned all those , I’m just gonna keep driving my Prius.


anybody know what the inception $ is on this lease?

I believe it’s bass it’s anything up to $75,000 MSRP and Sq4 goes way beyond that

Tax title and all that other stuff are due at signing for any kind of car lease.

and there’s the troll… typical- he drives a Prius.

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Nah man. I see you in an 89k Jaguar coupe for 479 a month.


Buddy I’d be all over that Jaguar if that monthly was possible. (Without a down of course)

Residual 49% MF was .00065

Hmmm, something is off about this comment. You can buy a service plan from the dealer for $1700 that takes care of all annual maintenance for the first 4 years of the car. That’s still a hell of a lot of money for maintenance, but it’s also a hedge against surprises.

Shouldnt go through brakes on a lease and an oil change isnt that much money for this car. Anybody who would pay that much for oil change is an idiot

I called the dealership and something seems off about this deal.

They haven’t given me the breakdown of how this lease works. They just keep on asking me to fill out a credit app, to which I said I won’t until I see the figures on paper.

And the numbers kept changing. The drive off amount was $2,500 which they said included taxes. Then they said the drive off fee was $3,000 and that taxes would be on the monthly payment so the monthly payment was actually $550 or something.

Not one solid answer.

Is anyone local to the area that checked it out? I have limited reach since I’m in NY lol

I actually have the Maserati Ghibli… Yes it is true that the dealer will charge you $1500 on just a basic oil change. I know 3 independent Ferrari/Maserati shops that will do it for $250-$350. You just do the service once a year. If you lease the car for 3 years, the most you will do is 2 service. The brakes are expense but its the way you drive. I have yet changed my brakes and I have 20k miles. The service guy said I should be good tll I return my car. The independent shops told me that the Mistubshi Evo and Mercedes AMG PADs fit well and the cost is around few hundred. Insurance is not that bad too…I pay $180 a month on 2 cars, an infiniti qx60 and the Ghibli with $500 deductible with all the bells an whistle from Gieco.

488 for the Ghibli. Ok sold. That will be my next lease :slight_smile: if I can get a prepaid maintenance package for another 1000.