2017 Lexus RX350 F-Sport FWD - MSRP of $59274 for $499/month

Posting my numbers so hopefully it can help others whom are looking for an F-Sport. If you are looking for a regular RX350, you should be able to get a better deal as dealers are willing to offer bigger discounts (12%+) on those.

MSRP: $59274
Sales price: $53200 (~10.25% off before incentives)
Acquisition fee: 700
Title/reg/license fees: $447
Doc fees: $80
DMV electronic filing fee: $29
Tax on cap cost, CA tire and other fees: $175.18
Incentives: $2999 ($1k for loyalty, $1k for LA auto show cert, $500 lease cash, $499 first month comp)
MF: .00083 (after 9 MSDs of $4500)
Drive-offs: $4731 ($4500 of which is for MSDs)
Monthly: $499.46
Terms: 36 months, 12k/year


Can you please PM me the dealer info?

Lexus in Jan are bad. Avoid. You missed December to remember.

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Can’t believe this car does 0-60 in 7.9 seconds.
If it was a bit faster , this would have been a great option for me

December and March are the best months for Lexus

Pretty good deal IMO. The extra $2k in incentives was a big help. What was the residual they gave you? I just closed on an RX350 for my wife last month. Wish I could have gotten those two incentives! Maybe next time, ha.

If I remember correctly, the RV last month for the F-Sport was 64% for a 36/12k lease.

Is there a deadline date for month? I once heard March was the end of their FIscal Year. I will be looking for a F Sport with a sticker price of $59,274. Thanks.

Fiscal year end…

March 31:
Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Jaguar, Mitsubishi, Nissan

Dec 31:
BMW, Mercedes, VW, GM, Ford,Volvo


Thanks to @Jon the first set of numbers I have received for a 2017 RX F Sport with a sticker price of $59,274, 36 months, 10k miles a year, and 9 MSDs are:
“So for 36 months/10k miles per year with a maximum of 9 security deposits, on approved credit, your down payment is $5,673.91 (of which you will get $4,500 back at the end) and your monthly payment is $491.78 including tax.”

What do you guys think?

That doesn’t sound too bad with the lack of incentives this month. What was the sales price?

$59,274. So Cerritos quotes me $1,260 down and $699 a month. Once I sent him a copy of what Thousand Oaks sent me, he quickly says he can match and beat it. Thanks to this site, it prepares you to be a good negotiator. Thanks @Jon for your time and help!

Try Longo best dealer to get a lexus.

$59274 is the MSRP. What was the sales price?

Sales price $53,200. I’m going to ask for a screen shot of the deal.

@Dee this might help you.

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That’s the exact same price he gave me. The only difference between our deal is that I got 12k/year and Dec had more rebates.

Thanks!!! @max_g Nice looking out!

What do you think of this deal? Working it with Van Nuys Keyes.

2017 RX 350 F Sport FWD 36MO/12K
MSRP $59,274
Sale Price $51,417.90
Discount $7,856.10
Down Payment $1,131
MSDS $500X9 = $4,500
Total Down Payment $5,631

Residual $37,935.36
Incentives $1250

Payment with tax $494.18

For 10K Miles a year $476.78