2017 Infiniti Qx60 Lease Numbers

Good deal ? Can we make it better?

MSRP: $60,260

TOTAL DUE @ SIGN: $6,516.81 ( $5400 is MSD)
MSD = $5400 ( 9 MSD)
MF = .00088 (after 9 MSD)
PRICE: $53,232 ( 12 % OFF MSRP )
RESIDUAL: 62% - 12K miles / year, 39 months , AWD
$700 ACQ FEE
Insurance/fees: $564.75
upfront tax: $6.40

$545.66/mo. w 8% tax.


Looks good on 2017 Qx60

9 MSD = $5400.

Shouldn’t this be $4,950 instead? That’s what’s showing as 9 MSDs on this site’s calculator.

is 1 MSD = base payment ?

$545.66 First payment
$5,400.00 Security Deposits
$564.75 Fees & Insurance
$6.40 up front tax.

$6,516.81 total cash due

seem ok?

MSD is your monthly payment rounded up to the next $50.

So if it’s $5400, your payment is over $550. Maybe they are calculating the tax wrong and it’s putting you slightly over?

Base Payment is 505.23, with Tax it’s $546.

So, they’re taking $546 and rounding that up to $600. Is that correct ?

Yes, but it’s likely that something is causing your payment to actually be slightly over $550. Like if they are mistakenly using a 9% tax rate when running the quote.

Should be easy enough to resolve if you ask them to explain how they come to that $5400.

Is MSD calculated from base payment or payment with tax ?

My payment is $505 BASE, w/o tax. So, roundup of that would be $550. Dealer currently says it’s $5400 for 9 MSD.

But they won’t explain why or how they got to that number?

Dealer said MSD is calculated from base payment of the base MF. So, Before any MSD, the payment is close to $600/mo. Therefore, 1 MSD = 600.

Is this accurate ?

I thought 1 unit of MSD was pre-set by Infiniti for ALL lease deals ?

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Been shopping this deal around with 3-4 different dealers.

Lowest payment I got from 3 places was $570/mo incl. 8% tax on a FWD (58k msrp) 2017 QX60, with max MSD and 0$ towards CCR. Another quoted me $590 for same car as above and another was $599.

Now, I realize that $546 is the absolute best I can do…
I’m finalizing a deal now on an AWD (60k msrp) for $546/mo w 8% tax, with max MSD and 0$ towards CCR.

i am also looking for QX60, can you share your numbers after you close the deal.

Does it matter to you if it is 2016 or 2017?

Just picked up my new 2017 Qx60 with PREM, PREM PLUS, THEATRE, DELUXE TECH (fully freaking loaded)

2017 AWD QX60

MSRP: $60,260
TOTAL DUE @ SIGN: $6,516.81 ( $5400 is MSD)
MSD = $5400 ( 9 MSD)
MF = .00088 (after 9 MSD)
PRICE: $53,232 ( 12 % OFF MSRP )
RESIDUAL: 62% - 12K miles / year, 39 months , AWD
$700 ACQ FEE
Insurance/fees: $564.75
upfront tax: $6.40

$545.66/mo. w 8% tax. Got dealer to throw in All weather floor mats OEM for FREE.

Love the car and all the features are pretty darn amazing for this price!

Thanks to all the forum posters who helped me work out the numbers on the Lease and get the best deal!


Yes goog deal. Text book case of how to negotiate a good lease and get the car you want.

I am looking for a deal in the Metro Detroit/Ann Arbor/Lansing areas. Anyone have a good experience in this area?

I am also looking for infiniti QX60 deals and this is what one of the dealer gave me:

2017 QX60 fully loaded
MSRP: 60,995
Sale price 55,990
Residual Value 0.58 or 58%
MF = 0.001

$0 down with 12k miles per year.
Lease amount $689 per month with taxes (tax is 8.65%)

is this a good deal ?

Aim for at least 12% discount(You are currently getting 8%). Assuming you get 12% discount, with 9 MSDs, you should be getting $535 monthly payment including tax.

How do I request for a MSD. All the dealers here in mid west are saying we do not accept MSD. How are other guys able to do MSD.

Ask your salesperson about putting down MSD. Although, don’t be surprised if he has no clue, or “acts” like he has no clue.

If your sales guy can’t answer your question about MSD (or any questions really), immediately ask to speak to the general manager. That should get the ball rolling rather quickly.

Generally speaking, the Finance guy/gal at the dealership will be the best person to ask about MSD - but they generally don’t speak to anyone until a car is already sold. But, if you’re not getting anywhere, ask to speak to Finance as last resort.