2017 Honda Clarity Electric (36 mo/20K) for $199/mo with $899 due (not including taxes, registration and fees) CA and OR residents only


hi, How much was more was the tax, license, dealer fee and dealer installed accessories? Drive off $2000 says it excludes all those things so they had to get rolled into the monthly or with down…


So this is pretty much the same lease offer from Honda


No, he states his drive off was 2k.

Ad is 2k ccr + drive offs.


Ah so extra $1000 off…cool


Honda doesn’t haggle much with their Clarity leases (ev or phev). I’m actually surprised they’re giving such a good price on the phev - it’s likely not selling too well.


They sold 1639 in the month of May, placing it in fourth place. Only the Model 3, Prius Prime, and the Volt sold more.


So…almost every competitor beat them. Hey, at least they beat the Sonata phev.

Btw, I own a Clarity - not hating, just barely see any compared to all the other competition in SoCal.


What do you mean? They sold the fourth most this month.

It’s been out for only 6 months while others have been out years.


I have a commute of 82 miles daily, would this make thru the day (HOV 75MPH+) without charging at the office?


They don’t price or advertise the clarity as aggressive as others either…

Well actually they do undercut the volt in price but at least the volt had a more main stream look


I do 80 mile commute drive 65-70mph. Usually have 15-20 mile left on GOM.

At 75+ mph, you would need double the range. The new leaf with 151 mile range would not be enough.


I can’t even get to 10k in a year with my Spark EV.


I’m at 10,000 in six months. I might run out of mileage before the lease expires.


Doesn’t look like many dealers have this in inventory. What are the waiting times like if one orders?


I give up trying to get another one. The wait list was too long. I’m looking at the PHEV or the Volt.


Just curious, how long? 3 months? 6 months? Or like the mythical $35K Tesla?
I might need another vehicle around the end of the year so I am not in a great rush.


The standard answer was one year.


You will be cutting it really close heading back home. Going 75mph and faster is going to hurt you range pretty bad. If you turned on the AC, that’s going to hurt even more.


Anyone successful in getting the Clarity electric?


Just got this lovely add pop up for me.