2017 Honda Clarity Electric (36 mo/20K) for $199/mo with $899 due (not including taxes, registration and fees) CA and OR residents only


Seems like a great deal to me. Where is this located? Thx.


spreen honda in socal


Not really a good deal compared to what Hclarity posted. He is about $80-$100 less per month at least


I closed on a 2017 Clarity EV in April. My comments on the process in this topic: Best deal for electric/hybrid with California HOV sticker


When I got one last year, they were sitting on the lot. This year is crazy.


My local dealer tells me they are only getting one Clarity EV per month from Honda. That explains why there aren’t any sitting on the lot. And if you are number 12 on the waiting list, it also explains why there is a one year wait.


I signed the lease on May end at Freeway Honda. I believe I have given my name in Oct 2017 and still 50 more on the waitlist.

Till now based on my driving with no A/C in local, I got around 85 miles.
Yet to test with complete freeway drive and with A/C on.

When compared to last April deal, I paid $700 more in total.
So fare really good ride and excellent pickup…


Glad to hear! I got on my dealer’s list about four months ago, and I was told last week that I get the next Clarity EV that comes in. So any week now I am hoping. :wink:


Got the call from my dealership yesterday and picked up my new Modern Steel Clarity Electric a few hours ago. Very nice! And the dealership honored the $500 military discount which they took off the drive-off fees, so my total drive-off was $1,726.


So cal dealers call you when they get one. No list. First one there gets it. We picked up 3 EVs. Did about 7 trips to 4 different dealers over 3 months. Meaning every time they called we would try to get there ASAP.


How do you get on the list for them to call you? Does this apply to NorCal as well?


Yeah, it’s a race to the dealership when the sales person calls for sure!

In So Cal, the sales people will call all people who were interested and it’s a race to get there first.

My local dealer said, they get 3-4 Clarity EV a month and when they call, all cars that came in are sold within the hour!


Just walked in to the dealership and spoke to the person responsible for ev. Most dealerships have one person assigned to clarity electric. I am not sure about NorCal. I live in SoCal and bought ours from norm reeves Irvine, norm reeves West Covina, and norm reeves Huntington Beach. I am sure giving them a gift card or something will go a long way :slight_smile:


my buddy wants one in norcal but can’t find one in stock.
on a different note, the one pay clarity PHEV deals in MA and NY seem very tempting if i dind’t have another 2 years on my lease…


when was this?


May/June 2018


Did anyone get Clarity Electric in October / November 2018 ?


I’m in a facebook group for BEV Clarity’s and there’s been a early lease return on a Gray Clarity to Honda of Oakland. Might be worth a call if you’re interested. The owner mentioned it would be a few weeks before it would be ready to lease again.


Does anyone know if I can somehow transfer or get out of my full electric clarity lease? I recently got a company car and its just sitting at home now. Thanks.


Contact Honda. I read the contract and the way I understood it, you can cancel the lease at any time with 90 days notice. I think the reasoning is because you cannot buy the lease out at any time the way you could a traditional lease, they built a way to do so within the contract. From what I read, there is no penalty or anything. the only thing is that you have to wait out 90 days. I am actually curious to see how it works so please report back once you find out.