2017 Honda Clarity Electric (36 mo/20K) for $199/mo with $899 due (not including taxes, registration and fees) CA and OR residents only


You don’t need the physical license plate, as your quote shows. It just needs to be in your name. We waited 3 weeks and filed the forms and it was fine (didn’t get plates for ~6 weeks).


Except that the form you must file requires the license plate number. I guess you can file without that but you risk having them bounce it back. And they do bounce things that are wrong or incomplete. Ours got bounced because the dealership recorded the car as a BEV i3 instead of a REX which matters because they get different colored stickers.


Yeah, I left it blank and it was fine. Many other people have confirmed the same thing.


Can you give me the lease details on the plug-in?


You mean BEV i3 does not get the same decal ?


In California any full EV got one color sticker (white) and plug-ins got a green sticker. I think that was so they could ban plug-ins down the road without impacting the pure EVs if they wanted to.

Now they have switched and everything is a red sticker because the law was tweaked. The green and white stickers expire on January 1, 2019 but if you got your car in 2017 or 2018 you can apply for a new sticker so that you get your full four years of access.


Just got quoted 33,485 for a touring Clarity MSRP of $37,490. 11% off…doesn’t seem like that good of a deal. What’s this $7,000 lease cash offer I have been hearing about…


That is interesting. So your REx is similar to a Prius from the state of CA ?


Only Prius PHEV. Regular hybrid’s don’t get stickers at all now.


As @lessthanjoey says only the plug in Prius, the Prius Prime, gets stickers now. Back many years ago the basic Prius also got them but that was more than 10 years (?) ago. Whether or not a plug-in qualifies is based on the EV range so that some of the minimal range plug-ins from say BMW don’t qualify either.


Thank you so much for the information. I will hang on tight. At least I submitted for my rebate right away!


Some dealers have them in stock with the cars but most don’t bother and pass that duty on to the customer. At least most dealers I have talked to around the san fernando valley and metro L.A.


I got $299+tax on Plug-in Hybrid with $2000 drive off. They took my leased 2015 cr-v in trade so I don’t have to worry about the lease return liability. Autonation Honda in Valencia, ask to speak to Bryan Gelfand, he was great at sending all quotes in writing, I was talking to him for a few months waiting for the right deal and they will try to match competitor pricing.


The $7K lease is for the Clarity All Electric, no stock anywhere in Southern CA for those. Might not be available in CA period with such demand.


Darn it! six weeks! I guess the wheels of progress move slowly.


I’m going to submit it blank with only the VIN, I’m attaching the temporary registration card for them and see what happens. If it bounces back, it will probably be back at the same time as the plates get here.


What was your net sales price of the Clarity? I assume you got the $34K base model.



You can leave the Lic. Plate blank on the application, however you better hope the dealer process your plates by the time the DMV process your application. Otherwise the car is not in your name yet, and they will reject the application. Sometimes you get the new plates within a week, other times may take a month.


what numbers are you guys getting for the plug in hybrid lease?


Bought Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid for $249+Tax/month with $2000 down (including all taxes and registration) from Stockton Honda

More details from their website mentioned here:

2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Base CVT sedan Featured Lease: 5 at this lease payment $249.00 monthly plus tax per month 36 month closed end lease. Total drive off $1,999.00 EXCLUDES tax, license, dealer document processing charge and electronic filing charge. Includes first months payment. No security deposit. Based on 12,000 miles per year, $.20 per mile for excess mileage. Residual $15,773.40. On approval of credit through American Honda Finance. Super Preferred credit required. Excludes any Dealer installed accessories. Expires 7/5/18