2017 Honda Clarity Electric (36 mo/20K) for $199/mo with $899 due (not including taxes, registration and fees) CA and OR residents only



Advertised deal from Honda. It originally came out in August available for lease only at $269/month and $1999 due (includes first month payment; not including taxes, registration and fees). The $899 due now includes the first month’s payment.

Range is only 89 miles per EPA. It is a mid-size sedan (four inches shorter in length than the Tesla Model S) that seats five. It includes as standard features DC Fast charging, Honda Sensing (adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, lane departure warning, forward collision warning and collision mitigation braking), Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

Only available for residents of California and Oregon.

Not a bad public offer I suppose. Wonder what sale price is and how much more you can negotiate. Although when this offer is near a Bolt lease, hard to justify this.

The major justifications for this lease over a Bolt are as follows:

  1. Honda Sensing package included
  2. 20k miles/yr compared to 10k miles/yr

Caveats: I hear Honda Sensing seems to work only about half the time?? Not sure if you can even get to 20k miles/yr with the stated 89-mile EPA range.

Yes, good points. Where did you see the 20k/yr? I too question how you’ll reach 20k/yr with 89 mi range.

Let me add the email to the original post. 20K in the terms here:


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Is it just me or do the rear wheel arches make this car completely hideous?

It’s not really $899 due at sign, the fine print says…" Total due at lease signing is $899 PLUS tax and registration and includes first month’s payment and down payment of $700"

So I think it’s like $899 + tax and lic. (lets say $400) + down($700) = $1999 due at sign.

I asked a dealership about this and they said, yes it really is 899 all incl.

Oh man, I hadn’t seen that, but now that you made me look I can’t unsee it!

which dealer did you talk to? I just called a dealer too, they told me total due at sign will be around $1450(9% tax) but depends on your local tax.

The way I read it the $899 covers first payment and $700 down. Tax/license is additional on top of that.

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Hmm maybe the dealer I was talking to was just trying to get me in the door.
I talked to the Honda of Pasadena dealership.

I just call them to confirm. So total due is $1463.76(9.5% tax), and $217.47(9.5% tax) a month for 36 month. I guess it’s pretty cheap but with 89 miles of range in 2017 is kind of little.

True, it is still kind of cheap.
However the plug-in hybrid price was just announced and it is said to be going on sale on Dec 1. That will be the one to get. But I can’t manage to find the numbers on the lease… anyone have any luck with that?

So I signed it tonight but will take delivery tomorrow. It was 14xx due at sign but with recent grads($500). It become $950.56 due and $217.41(9.25% tax). So after rebate = (950.56+217.41*35-3000)/36= $154.44 per month for 36/20k car. Even the range only 89 miles I still think it’s a very nice car. Will post picture tomorrow.


Congrats! Do post those pics and let us know how the car is!

Here’s the picture! And it drives very solid! love the real leather seats and steering wheel. the Safety features(Honda Sensing) are standard and I love it! Set ACC(adopted cruse control) on freeway and the car can drive/steer/stop itself without me touching the steering wheel and gas paddle! but after 10ish second it want me to touch the steering wheel just for safety. Overall I’m pretty happy with it. drove 100 miles today just to test it out. The range and the cargo space are the only downside of the car. but if you drive in rush hour a lot then you will definitely be fine. slow traffic uses less battery and with ACC, stop and go traffic is very relaxing! 85 miles of range is easily achievable, talked to sales person, he said some people can go over 100 miles range of one charge. So it’s all depends on how you drive it. I was shopping for bolt for the pass 2 weeks and got really frustrated. Only few dealers have the trim/option that I want, and the demand is very high right now, not a lot of room for negotiation. Nothing can really come close for a car that has full leather seats and awesome tech. Knowing it’s 2017 and range under 100 miles is unacceptable. But I’m a fan of ACC and better build quality. not to mention that the back seat is super spacious with air vent, friends and families will be very happy. If you live in downtown SF, then please pick smaller car as this is really big, full size sedan is painful to drive/ park in SF. This is not a fast EV, can’t compare it to the Bolt. But it feel much safer and higher quality. Alcantara that you see in a lot of Tesla is everywhere in the Clarity too! makes it feel kind of luxurious.
Go test drive it! and compare side by side with Bolt. see which one that you like better.
For me, rage has and will always be my priority but since I leased 2 other EV(500e, i3) previously. 89 miles range is livable. Personally I love to drive so 20k miles per year is perfect plan for me. and range is just mean that I’ll have more stop/waste a bit more time on the road than the others. Once you tried ACC, you can never go back!! trust me on this! Even the highest trim of Bolt can’t get ACC as an option which is another reason why I hesitate to get it. Right now Costco offer $700 cash card for Bolt, but Clarity offers more of what I want so I picked it. with rebate, this is a no-brainer! at least in my book…
The picture was taken when I took the delivery at the dealership, soon I’ll take the front license plate mount off later, it will look much cleaner and the way they put it on, did not drill any holes in the front so that’s good news!


Hey thanks so much for posting this, it really helps. I was also considering the Volt/Bolt but was unhappy with the inferior interior quality and other things even though the range is much higher.
I’m curious about the ACC - you’re saying it steers itself?? So in stop-go traffic u can just sit back?

What’s alcantara?

It’s a material that feels really nice. Even nicer than leather IMO. Tesla uses it so as you can imaging how the interior makes one feel. If they put a Acura logo for this car instead of Honda, it will makes more sense cause of the quality that you are getting inside out.

ACC will always keep a distance between you and the car that’s in front of you. but the lane keep assist will only work when it’s 45mph or up. But after 10 sec or so it will want you to touch the steering wheel so they know you are still there lol. like my friend’s 2017 Q7, but Q7 won’t remind you until 45 second later.
Go visit one if you gave time, as they are even more rare than Bolt’s inventory.

I think we are at the same boat here. I missed the Volt deal back in March and now the Bolt is just too hot plus they cheap out on the interior, well they have to since most of the money goes to the battery. But I have a feeling that 300 miles as standard range in the next 3 years will be cheaper than Bolt and come with batter equipped standard features, so I’m willing to wait.

One more thing, try to seat in a Bolt and Clarity, you will find a big different. Clarity makes me want to sleep in the car lol it’s that comfortable. If you do some research online you will find a lot of Bolt’s seat complain, not that there’s no easy fix but it’s just not as pleasant to think about it. I have a bit OCD so yea…
Pasadena Honda(Some Asian with heavy accent(sales person that I talked to)) is more pushy(keep asking when I can come in which I hate) compare to Sierra Honda(Frank Gray, who’s pretty chill person). But go test drive it from any of them since not all of them will have inventory at this time, and the lease number won’t change since dealerships don’t have control over Clarity’s lease program. So everywhere you go it’s the same number.

Let me know what you think of them after you try them both!

Have fun shopping!

That’s like $0.13/mile! 20,000/year is unheard of. It’s probably because these are more like prototypes (like the FCV was when it first came out) so they don’t care if you run it into the ground (there is not even an option to buy these at end-of-lease!)

Too bad about that range–a 25.5 kwh battery in 2017 is absolutely insane