2017 Honda Clarity Electric (36 mo/20K) for $199/mo with $899 due (not including taxes, registration and fees) CA and OR residents only


My commute is 15 miles one way in socal (peak hours, 12 miles highway). Never got below 90 miles range. Here is a pic after full charge. No, I don’t drive like granny.


How well does the regen work?


Hey ev_newbie, I was curious which Nor Cal dealership you had the opportunity to buy the car from? Thanks !


It was Autonation honda of Fremont.


Hi all, Any luck with the Electric model yet? The only thing I keep hearing is a six month delay in production. This maybe a ploy from dealers to get me to lease a Plug-in so I am taking it with a grain of salt.


I haven’t heard anything yet, on 4 dealers list, But probably going to go with a Volt I think with tax here in Ventura county it’s about $8890 over the 36 months, can get a Volt for about $7-7.5K with a 36/15 lease and have better range. Slightly more rebate on the Clarity Electric VS Volt from the state.


I finally test drove a Volt last weekend. I like the hotspot feature and the colors,etc…I am still on the fence due to the awesome 20K a year miles for the Clarity and I think it just looks better and is a bigger interior at least that’s my impression, although the Volt is a really good deal at $199 a month with only $1172 drive off. If I didn’t have 5 months left on my lease I think I would do the Volt. It is a waiting game…


who knows what April incentives will be…


Just an FYI, I got the following email from the local dealer yesterday:

"The wait is almost over! New 2018 model year Clarity Electrics are on the way, and should be arriving at authorized Honda dealerships within the first two weeks of May.We don’t know exactly how many or what colors are coming yet, but be assured I will keep you posted as I know more.

The better news is that Honda has made only minor adjustments to the Clarity Electric lease. Most importantly, the $199/mo. + tax payment remains the same! However, the down payment requirement has jumped about $600. The total amount of cash out of pocket necessary now is about $2,260 to get to that $199+ tax payment using Fresno Co. sales tax rate. Those of you in the surrounding counties may pay a bit more or a bit less, but it’s going to be pretty close."


“…can get a Volt for about $7-7.5K with a 36/15 lease”

Can you please give details, I’m in Bay area. Current Volt lease nearing end, and interested in leasing Volt again.


Here is the rest of the email:

“That’s all I know for sure at this point. If you’d like to know where you stand on the wait list, just call me or shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to let you know.Currently, just over 50 people are on the list awaiting their Clarity. If things have changed and you no longer can (or want to) wait for a Clarity Electric, please call me too so I can update our list!!”

The dealer is Honda North in Clovis, CA.


I got a call on Sunday from Santa Monica Honda, they said the 2018 were being delivered this month (not sure when, of course, lol) but the drive off has gone up in the Honda website to $1299+taxes and fees. still $199 a month.


Any news on the Clarity electric inventory?


Unfortunately not, I ended up going to Autonation Honda on Friday and getting the Plug-In Hybrid. They gave me a good deal and took my lease return in trade so I wouldn’t have to worry about extra miles, wear and tear. Happy with the deal I made and now I’m just applying for the rebate and Carpool sticker. Good luck.


Does anyone who have the Clarity Plug in know if I should wait for the license plate to apply for the carpool sticker or can I apply with the vin number and the temporary registration they stick on your windshield? Thank you


My dealership complete the application for the HOV tags. It took several weeks to receive.


it seems the res for a Clarity plug in hybrid is in the mid 40’s :frowning:


You have to have the license plate and final registration (not temporary). Annoying but I remember having to wait several weeks to get the plates with our i3.

From https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/vr/decal

9. Q: Can I submit the CAV decal application before the dealer and DMV complete the ownership application?

A: No. The vehicle must be in your name on DMV records before CAV decals can be issued. If you just purchased the vehicle from a dealership, you must wait until transfer of ownership is completed by DMV. If the CAV decal application is submitted prior to completion of transfer of ownership, the application will be returned to you unprocessed and must be resubmitted once the vehicle is in your name.

10. Q: How do I know when the vehicle is in my name?

A: You will receive a registration card from DMV once the transfer of ownership is completed.


Thought usually dealers will apply that for you, mine Electric version come with it when I took the delivery of the car.


Hello Chapin - What deal were you able to get and what dealer?