2017 Honda Clarity Electric (36 mo/20K) for $199/mo with $899 due (not including taxes, registration and fees) CA and OR residents only


Went to Culver City and they didnt have any Clarity EVs in stock. According to them, the 6 cars on the website have been long gone and the site needs to be updated.


Yeah, saw that same issue with outdated inventory at several other dealers as well. Then the car aggregator websites scrap up that info and make it look like the Clarity Electric is being held for purchase and not lease (and we know lease is the only option right now). So am skeptical now whenever I see or hear about available inventory.


I looked at and drove a clarity but ultimately picked a Ford fusion energi even though I love Honda and an '85 civic sedan was my first car, please check out the fusion energi, too.


oh that’s right, they are a bit slow on the inventory updates. I found that Diamond Honda has a gray one
link is: http://www.diamondhonda.com/auto/new-2017-honda-clarity-electric-city-of-industry-ca-near-la-mirada-ca/25911985/

I just chat with the rep. online and he just said that they have it. You can call tomorrow morning to confirm it.


Thanks for the heads up, I just called to leave a message. I’ll keep you guys updated.


I called on the same one, then was told it was sold yesterday morning by a salesperson. I think they leave them up to get leads, I called on a blue on that showed up on cargurus at the same dealership and was told it hasn’t come in yet, even though it had a vin and stock number (the online chat person said they show it in their inventory) but when a salesperson called, nope they haven’t received it yet, and when they do they contact everyone on their waiting list and it’s first come first serve.


That is pretty annoying. Dealers keep calling to tell me they don’t have the car in but if I am interested in the overpriced Plug-In version. How often does that work? I wonder…


That seems to be their MO


Honda Pasadena shows a white one posted today.


Called on that one too this morning, haven’t received a call back. Norm Reeves’s has a used one with about 3600 miles ready to go, but it doesn’t qualify for the CA rebates because they are leasing it as used. The sales person told me the 899 down 199 a month 20k a year on it and asked me how that deal sounds, I told him it sounded great if I could get the CA rebates!


Went to one of those Honda Clarity PHEV Test Drive events last weekend and talked to one of the Honda reps there alongside an Electric model they were also showing (but not test driving). He mentioned the 89 mile range attainable with an ‘ideal’ mix of city and hwy driving. IF you are looking at this car as a freeway commute car OR likely to drive at the higher end of the speed range (~70-80), the range will be substantially less. He couldn’t specify how much because it depends on your specific mix of hwy/city driving and your driving style.


For those curious, I have had mine for almost three months now and I have not gotten less than the advertised 89 miles yet. In fact, I average 100+ predicted range. However, I DO NOT drive over 70 (at about 70 on cruise). Note that this is for some stop and go (in the AM commute) and some highway speeds (in the PM commute). I had to drive about 50 miles each way to work for a couple of weeks and managed to squeeze enough out of the batteries to have about 4 miles left (from OC to Sherman Oaks that has some elevation changes). Waiting to see how bad AC will kill the range in the summer.


IG, thanks for adding a real-world perspective to this. Good to know that ‘89’ might actually be a bit conservative. My daily commute one way is 50 miles from LA to OC so maybe the Electric can make it @ 70mph. Plus I can charge at work and have full battery for the return 50 miles. Thanks


That should be no problem at all. We have a little over 2k miles and a full charge shows 75 miles because my wife cranks the AC and drives it like electricity is free. When I did the math my top tier rate of $.47/kWh is equal to $6.11/gal gas, but she never sees the electricity bill.


I am huge fan of EVs and have driven them for 3+ years. That being said… A 50 miles commute with an advertised 89 miles car is not a good idea.

Unless you are super dedicated to going EV, you’re going to have one of those days that will make you hate the car.

Things that could go wrong:

  • forget to charge at night
  • forget to charge at work
  • work charger is taken
  • work charger is broken
  • unexpected errand run

And almost everyone I know have had range problems. When they advertise 89 miles, on a cold 40* day, your range is going to be like 75 miles.

I love EVs, and I am a hardcore fanatic because I map out all the charging stations, etc… so I never let range issues deter me. However, unless you’re like me, I don’t recommend it.


Hi guys, I don’t have the EV version of this car, I have the PHEV. It comes with an estimated 47 miles range. I spend almost all of my commute driving on a freeway (which due to being in So Cal can often be stop start or crawling along). But, I would say I frequently am driving at speeds of approx 75 MPH. When doing this, I am usually NOT getting close to 47 MPH, but something closer to 37 - 42 miles range. The top “estimate” my car has ever shown after a full charge is 44. I have NEVER seen it say 47. As its been colder the last week or so, I am seeing it top out at a 39-40 estimate when fully charged.
I still love the car, but I am just giving personal experience based on 3500 miles of driving so far. I am sure the same ratio’s of miles and estimated distances are similar with the EV (in other words, less when colder and driving at high speeds etc).
I will say, I have also found that on nights/days when the freeway is crawling, I have actually exceeded 47 miles on a trip…due to doing 20 or so miles at maybe 10-15 miles an hour.


Look into EV or TOU charging plans, its closer to .12kwh for us


For anyone interested… I get free 240v charging at work, but initially at home I only had a 120v charger that came with the car. I have a 240v outlet at home for the dryer which is in the laundry right next to my garage. I was looking at ways to go to 240v charging at home, because 120v was taking me over 10 hrs to get a full charge.
I found this charger which allows you to pick the amps (from a good available range) you want to run at. I LOVE this thing. I run on my 240v 30amp outlet and run the charger at 240v 24 amps so it wont trip the circuit breaker. It charges my car fully in about 2hrs 30 mins now. So much better.


I have EV-TOU2 from SDG&E. Off Peak is $.22 and Peak is $.53. Where are you?


I am in PGE. .12 for off peak, .22 for partial peak and .44 or so for peak.