2017 Honda Clarity Electric (36 mo/20K) for $199/mo with $899 due (not including taxes, registration and fees) CA and OR residents only


yes, the fastest that I got was around 96 mph. but keep in mind… that kind of speed will kill the range in no time.


Apparently they now has a sign up list for fuel cell model, demand is there… so I guess they can jack up the price a bit.


Just wondering how EV’s handle uphill grades. Don’t want to be stuck in the slow lane behind a semi. I hear a lot about acceleration but nothing about pulling up a steep grade.


No sure how my sales guy know about incoming inventory. He told me over the phone that mine was arriving the week of the 15th and was right about that.


uphill is pretty scary, depends on how long the hill is, I usually drive around 55~60 for the hills. Battery will suffer as usual, worse than highway 75mph driving.


Thanks for the info.


Pasadena is quoting me a $35.6K for the touring. I am not sure if there is a catch. Anyone has any experience dealing with them. This is for the Plug-in Hybrid of course.



Any one know how long Honda will continue to sell the 2017 Clarity? The deal lasts until April but will there be stock in March? I would like to wait until current lease is closer to completion but also don’t want to miss out on the deal.


Are there any Clarity electric in stock? I thought it was sold out.


A couple days ago a salesperson told me that the 2018 EV is close, but would be coming after the $199 lease deal expires. Take with a grain of salt. The primary issue now is that there seems very little remaining inventory, at least in So Cal. Dealers are telling me they have a dozen people or more on waitlists, and aren’t accepting any more as they know they will not receive sufficient inventory to cover those already on their lists. YMMV


sontp11, is that $35.6K quoted price before tax, title, and license? If so, that’s only $1K below MSRP, so you should be able to do much better than that with some work. I just purchased a base model Clarity for a little over $2100 off of MSRP today. From what the salesperson told me, there is even more room for negotiation with the Touring model due to the higher cost of the trim, plus dealers seem to have more of the Touring model on their lots than the base.


I read that the 2017 clarity electric was only released in August… would they really only sell for 6months? Was it ever really in stock? My local NorCal dealer said if I put $500 deposit I should get in a couple weeks.


Thanks for your reply. Interestingly, the MSRP for the touring has become 37K in most of the dealership I checked and even costco and truecar. Hence, I thought almost 1.9K discount was decent.

When I google the MSRP for touring, it popped up at 36K.

I have to inquire with them more.


You mean $37k not $27k.


Surely you mean 37K (or 36K)? I believe the difference is due to some sites including the mandatory $890 destination fee in their MSRP price. So the Touring edition is listed as $36.6K MSRP, but with the destination it comes out to $37.5K.

My price actually ended up being $3K below MSRP because I didn’t factor in the destination fee when I was calculating the difference.


Thanks, yes. Sorry for the typo


LOL. thanks! Yea, since I see your success, will definitely try to work harder for my number. I will report once we get the deal.



quick question kenoctech. Which is the dealer that you get your clarity from?



I put $1K refundable deposit down at Folsom Honda. At the time (about a week and a half ago) I was #2 on the list. I was told that sometime this week, they expect to get five EVs in but have no idea how many more after that.

A friend at the CA Air Resources Board said that the Clarity EV is, currently, strictly a compliance vehicle for Honda to meet state laws regarding sales of zero/low emission vehicles. She is unconvinced that the Clarity EV is here to stay. I have absolutely no way to evaluate that statement so make what you will out of it.


It’s just like the Fit EV which was also a compliance vehicle.

Starting this year, they will get 1 ZEV credit for the Clarity BEV and must sell to other CARB States. If they increase the range to 125 miles, they will get 2 ZEV credits.