2017 Honda Clarity Electric (36 mo/20K) for $199/mo with $899 due (not including taxes, registration and fees) CA and OR residents only


I PMed it to you! Check your conversations.


I got your Pm!



Anyone take delivery of the Electric model recently? Went to Norm Reeves the other day and they didn’t know when or if they would receive any more. Also didn’t take deposits. Didn’t seem interested in trying to sell it really.


I purchased mine at Honda World in Fullerton. It took 2 weeks for car to arrive.


Oh. When did you book it? No one can anticipate delivery now.


Got one from Honda Oakland 3 weeks ago; it was after calling every honda dealer in the bay area, a few near misses but finally developed a good relationship with a salesperson who called me randomly one sunday morning telling me they had 3 VIN"s coming in and were first come first serve; the car is awesome at an unbelievable price.


Ooh, that’s great. I would love to find one in the Bay Area too. Will contact Honda Oakland.


Paul Juster was the salesperson I worked with


Great, thanks for the info!


Galpin Honda has two left. Mine will be ready for pickup on Monday as they are required to do a “pre-delivery inspection”. The service department was closed when I got there and closed on Sunday.


i got mine from honda of oakland just before thanksgiving. car is great. the dealer already received the white decal from DMV, so be sure to get it when you take delivery. my sales guy, sheldon, ignore my requests so i assumed i was supposed to get it from DMV. requested via mail and they sent back form + check with note that the dealer had it since November. :frowning:
the care is 2 months in and still doing great. i don’t get anywhere near 89 miles on freeways with my driving. 40 miles each way requires top up and will use about 52 miles in range. our first ev and still take a bit of planning with the charging, but is a great deal at this price.


Try to drive between 55mph to 65mph, you can see the range up to 7x miles. How fast do you usually drive on freeway?


sorry, i can’t drive 55. besides, at those speeds,i’d be a danger to all on 880. i’m usually around 75 if traffic allows.


i really wish the EV charging infrastructure was in better shape. there is a lot of lack of information about the locations. i have found multiple free locations that are not listed on plugshare nor chargepoint and def not hondalink.


Who did you work with?


Michael Fogelman a call @ 818.402.9988


Any one bought Clarity Electric recently (in this or past week) in socal?


I bought mine Monday


Just got call from Seremonte that mine arrived. Concerned about Miserly’s note about not getting near 89mile range… currently have Leaf with 84mile range that barely cuts it for my commute!

He also said "this it the last 2017 model and that the pricing for the 2018 model will be a little higher… has anyone heard rumors of a 2018 model?


I got basically the same info from Honda Oakland up here in the Bay. They don’t anticipate getting anymore 2017s and said the 2018 lease offer would likely be higher.