2017 Honda Clarity Electric (36 mo/20K) for $199/mo with $899 due (not including taxes, registration and fees) CA and OR residents only


Should have gotten one from DTLA Honda, as they seemed to be the only dealership that did $899 out the door. After seeing the lease contract, I realized the total out of pocket should be $1463 depending on zip code, but DTLA Honda had a $564 dealer contribution which made it $899 out the door. The dealer contribution is purely optional however…

Pasadena Honda wants $1450, if any dealers out there doing $899 OTD for a 17’ Clarity Electric, please let me know! Thanks!!


We just financed a 2018 Clarity PHEV touring a few days ago. Wife was very particular about the color so we found a dealer that gave us 1k off the MSRP. I had another dealer willing to do 1500 off, but didn’t have in white as requested by the wife.

Anyone in the market to finance the PHEV, check out Honda of Pasadena or Long Beach Honda. Rest of the SoCal dealers will laugh in your face at the mentiOn of anything under MSRP- save the time!


Nice, enjoy your new ride :slight_smile:
I found that even Pasadena wouldnt budge when I was looking. I am sure as time goes on, and now that we are closer to the end of the month dealers will be a litle more flexible.


Yeah, I really think it has to do with how new the car is and that most dealers have only a few in stock. I expect prices to get better as time goes on. We just wanted the tax rebate this coming filing period.


Can you PM me the person you were working with in Long Beach and Pasadena? I find that rewarding good salespeople with your business is very good karma in the long run.


Yep I got mine a few weeks ago at Diamond Honda. The $899 plus Tax and Lisc and $199+tax a mos (20k miles year no lease return fee) is SET. Nothing can be changed from the deal since is a set offer by Honda. Some people were able to get the $500 off college deal…i wasnt able to since the dealer said it didnt apply to the Clarity EV lease…looks like some people were able to get it some werent…still not a bad deal without it.

So far the car is great, but I have been having some issues with my work Chargepoint charger. My guess is probably that specific charger/location because i have charged at other location (although they are not charge point) without any issues.

Also I am still trying to setup my Hondalink…seems like that’s a big headache for everyone judging from the previous post. I am going to call the dealership tomorrow to see if they can get my PIN and add the car in my hondalink profile or something

This is my 3rd EV/PEV. Volt, Fiat 500e and this. Personally i think this is a GREAT deal considering the Fiat 500e was $120 a mos with only 12k miles for $2500 down and compare the 500e which is a VERY basic car to the Clarity is day and night.

Also my commute is 34 miles one way so i can easily rack up close to 20k miles a year (i already did 1250 miles in 3 weeks) The math works out to be about 0.135 cent per mile, which is the cheapest out of all the EVs on the market. Yes the range is not great, but if you have a long commute like me and charging stations at work, this is the BEST BANG FOR THE $ you can get for a high mile EV lease!!!

The car is obviously a compliance car for Honda hence they are almost giving them away!!!

Yes you do get the state $2500 rebate and also dont forget the $450-$500 rebate from your electricity co. (Edison is $450 PGE is $500) and YES you still get it even if you have solar at home like me, and YES you can get more than 1 EV rebate per HH (i already got one and now waiting for my official DMW reg to get the second one)

The honda sense works OK considering is not suppose to be a full automated system (vs the Tesla) it works great in stop and go traffic and for the price of the car overall…cant complaint at all!


You need to set the parking brake on charge point station or it will throw a fault error.

On charge point station

  1. Set parking brake on Clarity.
  2. Close door
  3. Insert plug
  4. Start charging


OH!!! Thanks! will try that


Does anyone know if this deal is still obtainable? I saw the fine print stated it ends 12/31/17. I found a dealer that has one in stock but would like to have some information before calling. Thanks.


I believe it’s been extended to April 2018, someone posted a screenshot of the new terms and conditions in this thread.


What was the source of this item?


Its at the Clarity Electric website. When you try to build the car.


Thanks. It was 1-31-18 the last time I checked.


Anyone use their Clarity EV on Cayon Pass? Can it do 75+ like my V-6 Highlander?


Yah, I do 85 all the time on hw


Thanks. With the current lease deal, kinda makes it a no brainer.


For those interested in the BEV Clarity, Galpin Honda has 3 coming this week. Give Michael Fogelman a call @ 818.402.9988, got mine from him yesterday and it was hassle free deal…90 minutes in and out.



Just wondering oso, what was your total drive off and terms? Thanks.


Glad to hear that some dealers are receiving more. I’ve left my name with half a dozen dealers in the So Cal region; just waiting to see which one might have one with my name on it!

Some sales reps had mentioned that they had no way of knowing when more might be arriving; I’m curious osofast88 how your salesman Michael had the scoop on the incoming shipment?


It’s nice seeing the contrast laid out like that. There’s one more key cost difference: Honda now states $2868 due at signing for the fuel cell model (maybe this wasn’t the case a couple months ago). That adds significantly to the difference in 3 year total costs ($4728 higher for the fuel cell than the EV using the SoCal #s from skyline31518).