2017 Equinox 24 month lease thread for December, part III

So TR10’s part 2 thread is getting pretty massive, so I’m posting a part III thread for December.

All the lease vitals seem to be the same as last month. Here they are for a 24 month, 10k miles lease:
Residual: 66%
MF: 0.0007 / 1.68%
CCR: $1,700
Incremental CCR: $750

What’s new this month is the CHEVY lease loyalty/lease conquest incentive is now $2,000! Up $500 from $1,500 last month. Also, bonus tags are now worth $1,000 instead of $750 on a lease. So max potential rebates have seemingly increased $750, which would mean the best deal is now theoretically $31/month better than last month.

$500 farm bureau and $700 Costco gift card (for Costco members as of 30 Sep) are still valid as well.

So working with a modest 10% dealer discount (which many have reported getting, or more), and waiving the acquisition fee for MF bump, here is what a deal would look like in a state that only taxes the monthly @ 6% on a base LS with $5,950 in total rebates (not factoring Costco or this potential new rebate):

Base '17 LS, 24 months/10k miles-
Monthly payment: $109
Absolutely $0 down.
First payment waived by GMF (in certain regions only)

After factoring $700 Costco card: $80 effective monthly!

Where can I find this last rebate so I can show dealer?
Thank you

It is on the Chevy website when you look at the window sticker of a unit.

@bro1999 when you say “absolutely zero down” you mean exclusive of true sign and drive? or do you mean zero cap cost?

All additional costs (dealer fees, tags, title, etc…) rolled into the lease and at most pay first month’s payment at dealer.

How do I get them to do that?

Just tell them you want to pay nothing down. Shouldn’t be a problem considering how much off MSRP the contract will be for. GM Financial does not require you to pay anything down.

@adamcar i’m having a hard time finding the price reduction below MSRP on the chevy website car inventory. Can you be more specific how to find it?

i just realized, it’s not on all cars only on select cars when you go one by one slipping through the window stickers on the inventory page.

I think only some models are eligible. Equinox and Volt for sure.

Here’s a snap of the factory reduction on a Premier Equinox.

so after speaking to 5 dealerships and wow is it painful to get basic info on something that should be so easy, the information i’m getting is that the “factory reduction below MSRP” is a rebate that can be used instead of the costco. It also doesn’t appear to be an exact amount and depends on the particular vehicle. Most are somewhere between $1100-$1200 on an LT. With that being said, it is more $ than the $700 costco BUT you won’t be able to waive the aqu fee because that is only part of the costco deal. What that means to me is that if you keep the aqu fee your MF should be lower and you get an additional ~$400-$500 from the “factory reduction below MSRP” but you have to pay the aqu fee so to me it sounds like it washes. Am i looking at it correctly?

So this “factory below msrp” isn’t just your standard (ie sucker) dealer discount? It can be combined with all other rebates and incentives? I’m not a Costco member, so I feel like I’ve been missing out.

@Joseph_Tanzi that’s my understanding, but it’s not avail on all cars in stock. If you view a particular dealer’s inventory on chevrolet’s website, you can look at all cars in stock one by one and pick ones that have it. @bro1999 showed a screen capture showing the discount written.

I believe the factory reduction rebate is by model and trim, not individual VINs. I was on Chevy.com and saw the reductions listed above.

Sounds like the Costco w/acq fee waiver versus “factory reduction” w/o waiver is more or less a wash. Definitely better for people without Costco though.

Why would Costco membership determine whether you can waive acq fee? It’s an option offered by GM Financial not Costco. The dealer handbook says you waive the fee and add .00055 to whatever your MF is.

@zoder that’s actually a good point. The dealers I’ve been dealing with made it sound like it’s only an option of the costco program.

I’ve had it waived without any Costco pricing before. So must be dealer BS then.

so if the costco benefit is a $700 gift card and “supplier pricing” whatever that means, and the acq fee can be waived for a MF bump regardless, then the price reduction below MSRP which is around $1100-$1200 should yield a better deal, no?

Some are confusing the lease acquisition fee with the dealer doc fee. The 595 lease acquisition fee can be waived in place of the higher mf. The dealer doc fee, which the dealer sets, is supposed to be waived under the Costco/supplier price program.