2017 Equinox LS the '16 Cruze Ltd of this year? Possible $116/month, $0 down lease***

The '17 Equinox may very well be this year’s '16 Cruze Limited (well, not nearly as crazy, but still pretty good).

Here are the numbers for a 24 month/10k mile lease for a LS in Maryland:

MSRP: $26,555
MF: .0007 (1.68%)
Residual: 67%
Base lease cash: $1,700
Incremental CCR: $750 (may be regional)
Lease conquest incentive of $1,500 effective 12 - 31 Oct ($500 lease loyalty incentive available in lieu of conquest)
If you can find a unit with a bonus tag, that is worth another $750 on a lease.
Plus the $700 Costco card of course (if you were a Costco member as of 30 Sep)

Assuming you find a unit with a $750 bonus tag, combined with the 1700 base lease cash + $750 incremental CCR +1500 lease conquest, that’s $4,700 in total incentives, and we get the following numbers for a MSRP $26,555 LS unit in MD:

'17 LS @ $26,555/24 months/10k miles:
$0 down
MF: .0007 (waive the $595 acq fee for a .00125 MF, resulting in ~$3/month savings)
Residual: 67%
Buyout price: $17,791.85
Final monthly payment: $185.07 ($300 MD doc fee and $279 MD tag/title fee included as well as full MD tax)

Toss in a $500 farm bureau rebate and the monthly becomes $163.61.
Factor in the $700 Costco card, and the effective monthly goes down to $134.45!

Finally, if you are in a state that doesn’t tax the whole sale price of the car like MD, a state with a 6% tax rate would have a final effective monthly payment of around $116, give or take a few bucks and assuming you qualify for all possible rebates/incentives.
GMF would also cover the 1st month’s payment as well.

edit: forgot to include this would require a ~$3,400 dealer discount.


Thanks for the share! What is the farmers bureau rebate? I’ve been seeing a lot of talk about that and have no idea what it is. Do I need to be a farmer?


And nope, don’t need to be a farmer. Or even ever set foot on a farm. Anyone can join, and it typically costs less than $100 for an annual membership. It cost me $60 in MD FWIW.

I’ve already cashed in on the farm bureau rebate 3 times at $500 a pop, so definitely got my money’s worth. :smiley:

Only caveat is you need to be a member for at least 30 days before you can get the $500 rebate. So if you join today, you couldn’t get a $500 certificate till Nov 14th.

Hahahaha oh wow I feel silly.

Thank you so much for the info :grin:

I will definitely look into that if I’m gonna get this brand :slight_smile:

Even if you don’t end up ever using the $500 rebate, it still gives you membership to the FB, which seems to offer similar services and discounts like a AAA membership does. Plus you’re helping your local farmers instead of some ginormous corporation. :slight_smile:

That sounds like a plan! Definitely going to get that membership then.

Are you sure these $4700 incentives that you are referring is not regional?

Pretty sure 1700 and 1500 lease conquest are for everyone…others regional

Does Chevy offer any incentives for recent college graduates ? I have checked in the following page and saw $500 bonus cash for this vehicle. Can we stack that one too?


Equinox require Chevrolet lease loyalty or a competetive lease in your household. All applicable rebates including lease loyalty or lease conquest have been deducted from Sale Price/Payment and are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice. Payments are plus monthly use tax. Leases are 10,000 miles per year, and are plus title, tax and plate fees. Certain restrictions may apply, see dealer for complete details on all incentives/offers. Sale ends 10/31/2016 @ 6:00PM. 1) All vehicles are plus tax, title, CVR fee ($24) and license. 2) We have a DOC fee of $210 on USED cars only. 3) No DOC fee on any new car.

which dealer is this?

I think dealer is moranchevrolet

Looks like a good deal :slight_smile:

Yup. (Includes bonus tag, I assume.)

wow, some great deals

I know a dealer in MD that has a bonus tagged LS that can be had for about $160/month, 0 down (24 Mon/10k) with the 1500 lease conquest factored. If you have farm bureau, that’s another $20 bucks or so off per month.

Could u pls tell me the dealer’s name or web address?

How do I know if this CCR $750 is available in my State?
How can find vehicles with Bonus cash ?

Up to the dealer to tell you about the $750 incremental CCR. I know it’s valid in MD at the least…which means it should be valid in whatever GM defines as the “Mid-Atlantic region”.

For finding bonus tags, go to chevy.com, do an inventory search for Equinox’s and punch in the zip code of the dealer you want to look up. Bonus tagged units should have a yellow “CHEVY BONUS TAG” image next to it.

Does the bonus tag % off work with lease?