2017 BMW X5 40e Lease

Thoughts on the below lease? The monthly is higher than what the Lease Hackr calculator generates. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

2017 BMW X5 40e

MSRP: $66,595
Selling Price: $57,395

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000

MF: .00085
Residual: 56%

Security Deposit: $4,900
Total Due At Signing: $7197
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $694.76

Zip Code: 91801 (S. Cal)
Sales Tax Rate: 8.75%

Aside from the MSDs, what’s the other $2297 due at signing?

I’m not really sure to be honest. Here’s the full sticker if that helps. Thank you!

Looks pretty much bang on. @max_g Seems like the Acquisition fee is paid upfront. Seems like a good deal to me

Very helpful, thank you!

Any thoughts on why this lease doesn’t seem as good as the promotional lease that BMW NA is currently offering?


Well their numbers include a $3500 down payment. If I add that into yours you end up with this.

There’s a $3500 down payment in that ad, which makes the monthly payment effectively = $686

Then you have to add TTL on top of that.

Also, your car is more expensive and I can’t be sure if their numbers actually include TAX, my guess is not.

99.99% of the time, ads do not include taxes because:

A. they want to keep the numbers low in the ad
B. taxes differ by state and people buy/lease in neighboring states all the time.

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Having said all that, the discount does not seem to be that good on the car.

I believe you are getting the car at invoice. (approx $62,482) Take off the $5k rebate and you have your sale price.

I would want to be $2k lower than where you are. Seems to be about the sweet spot for BMW’s like this.

This is what you get when you do that deal.

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Wow you guys are awesome!

I’ll take this information back to the dealership tomorrow, get a further reduction below invoice, and hopefully report back a successful deal.

Thank you again!

I am guessing the real invoice is $62,395 based on your numbers. Say you want a sale price of 60,395 before rebates with a monthly of $633. Lay it all out for them so there is no confusion as to what you want. Say you will sign that day if they will do it.

Good Luck! Let us know how you get on.

No go from New Century BMW, back to the drawing board. :weary:

Who were you talking to there? Ask to talk to the manager Saeed, he is a straight talker and likes to do deals. I got my X3 there.

Give the following dealers a go as they are better for deals traditionally than New Century:
Pacific - Greg Poland (He is a good guy, try him first, I’m sure he will go below invoice, he has on every deal I have done)
Long Beach
Crevier (They sell more cars than anyone)

They all shift units, try your luck.

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Was talking to Justin Wong at New Century. Have reached out to Greg.

Thank you for all of the pro tips @Ed_Churchward, you are extremely helpful!

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Check this older thread -

You can get another 0.0002 discount on the MF - it’s a corporate discount if you work at a company that supports it…

Base MF - 0.00137 (3.29%)
Corp discount (-0.0002) = 0.00117 (2.81%)
7 MSD’s (-0.00049) = 0.00068 (1.63%)

Check out my deal on a 2016 (details listed in the thread) - which had better incentives but might also help you.

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Thanks @XPRESS! Reading that was very informative. How is the below offer? If I’m reading it right, is that $11,298 that I have to pay as drive-off?! :fearful:

Ha, they are expecting you to put down $8,298!!! That is the worst deal I have every seen I think. Is the drive off really $16,898 with security deposits? Not sure how those numbers come out as they do.

Is that from Greg?

Yeah…that’s what Greg Poland is offering from Pacific BMW.