Current 2016 Aug X5 lease rate?

57% for 36. 39 isnt better. Just leased a non demo for 595 for 36 10 on a 72210 unit.

hello , can u advise which dealership and calculation to get below 600 ??

I am in the market for base x5 too, $1000 drive off under $600 is impossible at so cal dealers. they said good luck finding for under $600.


Thanks for info! What was your discount? MSRP, sale price and money factor?

Thanks in advice for info

I’ll post the deal screen here soon.

Residual 60
Mf .00088
6500 rebate for edrive plus usaa
11 or 12 p discount
MSRP 72210

2016 X5 40e
Initial Cap cost 66,855.
MF - 0.00068
$6500 rebates ($3500 BMW lease, $2000 performance Aug BMW, $1000 loyalty or Corp)
Residual 60%
7 MSD’s ($4550)
Tax rate 9%
Drive off - $6395
Monthly (including tax) $606.35 (if I add $230 to drive off I can get this below $600 and thereby lower my MSD total to $4200)

Unless they held on me, .00088 is the buy rate with max sd’s.

You can get another 0.0002 discount on the MF - it’s a corporate discount if you work at a company that supports it…

Base MF - 0.00137 (3.29%)
Corp discount (-0.0002) = 0.00117 (2.81%)
7 MSD’s (-0.00049) = 0.00068 (1.63%)


Great job! These cars are awesome. We’ve got a new ride for steak night.

They are cleaning the car today - hope to take ownership this week. Was hard to find a 2016 with options I wanted (ACC and light interior) but dealer came thru. I was trying to wait for the 2017 but leases are terrible right now.

Enjoy the ride!

can you tell me what is “$2000 performance Aug BMW”? which dealer did you buy from?

Stevens Creek - the $2000 is listed on the BMW page, it’s a standard rebate offered on the X5 40e for august.

Similar deal for us here was the breakdown:

We got a “demo” 2016 X5 XDrive40e to replace a 2013 Volt. Reason i say “demo” was it had just been put in the demo fleet and had 77 miles on it was all.

Purchased from Ralph Schomp in Littleton CO

MSRP 77150
Cap Cost 68450
Dealer Extras ($229, tinting front two windows)
Incentives 6500 ($5500 BMW, $1000 for a test drive thing we did a while back)
36/10 - 60% Residual
7 MSDs ($3850)
$750 down (to get below $550/mo for the MSD)
7.25% Tax

Drive Off $6916, monthly was $546 w/ tax.

We had been looking at the XC90s and the LR4s (horrible gas mileage) and nothing was close to this deal.

Glad I found this site as well, this is a GREAT tool for leasing and I actually had my numbers used with this calculator match what the dealer was showing.

If you can find one of these discounted ~10% you can get an awesome lease deal on them. There were about 5 in my area that were discounted in that range and 3 of them sold over the weekend. It was cheaper for us to get this loaded version vs. the more basic model as well because of the discount.

Great deal - I’m also replacing a 2013 Volt which I loved! I got tired of waiting for GM to produce a plug-in SUV and with these rebates you can’t go wrong. They are really flying off the lot this month with the new incentives. If you find one you want, don’t wait!

BTW _ I looked at the great deals at Schomp but they didn’t have the right car for me.

Let me know how you like it compared to your Volt.

@Randy_Haddox can you share the dealer? Looking for something similar in SoCal.

I’m in Houston. They’re all owned by Sonic Group.

question about $5500 incentive, are those untaxed incentive? or taxed incentive?
I am located CA.

Untaxed afaik my man.

There are three parts to getting a good lease deal:

Money Factor:

  • Start with the BMWFS base rate of 0.00137 (if you are not offered that initially - walk away)
  • Buy down the rate with MSD’s
  • See if you are eligible for a Corp discount of 0.0002

Sale price or Cap cost:

  • Don’t let the dealer start throwing in rebate stuff before you come to a final price. Negotiate like you are going to purchase if need be. It’s only after you get to a final price should you start adding the rebates.
  • I found a wide variety of dealer pricing. Some close to invoice, some $3K over and a few under. It depends how bad they want to get rid of the car. With the end of the Quarter coming up the end of this month high be a great opportunity to make a deal.
  • I found this simple equation to be pretty accurate to determine Invoice (MSRP x 0.92895 = INVOICE)

Rebates and Residuals: (2016 X5 40e)

  • These change every month. Currently there are two standard rebates from BMW (for August) on the 40e, $3500 and $2000- total of $5500. The $2K was added in August and may disappear in Sept or may be raised. There are trying to clear out the 2016 cars so big incentives right now.
  • There is also a Corp or loyalty rebate of $1000 if you are eligible. (total rebates = $6500)
  • BMW also tweaks the residuals from month to month. Currently it’s 60% (36/10) for the 2016 but was 57% a few months ago
  • MY 2017 - current residual is 57% and only $3K rebates. I was going to order a 2017 but right now is not the time. The lease cost for a 2017 less equipped car was over $150 more per month. It may get better by the end of the year.

Use the calculator on lease forum and you should get very close to exact penny of what your lease will cost.

Good luck!

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Talk to Greg Poland at Pacific BMW in SoCal - great guy and deals.

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