2017 Audi A6 2.0 Quattro Season of Audi

In my opinion you really don’t want this car without nav, sport and leds. To each their own, but I think you will be disappointed otherwise.

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Any leasehackr worthy deals on leftover 2017 Q5s?

Best and final from the dealership. Yay? Nay?

36/10k miles
MSRP $55,440
$1,700 total drive offs

$411 plus tax $449 including.

This is our bottom dollar.

that is a good deal. I say yay

yay. But better if you can convert some of those driveoffs to refundable MSDs.

but your MF is so low.

MF is already .00012… Not sure MSD’s will save more than a buck or two.

I’m agreeing that it’s good deal, but if you want any input as to a better deal; MSDs are refundable so if you move the same amount of cash over into some MSDs it’ll be an even better deal because you’re technically spending less.


Just saw that Audi is paying your first month payment on A6’s… Is that stackable on top of this? Like, does that come out of the dealer’s pocket or is that straight from Audi on top of whatever we negotiate?

Audi Provides it as down payment towards the lease.

2017 A6 2.0T Quattro

MSRP : $52,XXX

36 months/15,000 miles a year

Monthly Payment : $448.67
Drive Offs: $1500

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Eff Volvo they can let their s90s rot :wink: is this Jedi level breh??! . I’m only sad I don’t have a crystal covfefe :frowning:

Will post a pic soon

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Hi Jonathan,

Can you update on what’s left on these A6 deals? Looks like only a couple remain, any others have joined the 180 day threshold?

Need to get a replacement for the lease on wife’s MB soon. Thanks.

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I tried to contact the dealer about the A6s and got no reply

We sold quite a few, I think I have one red one remaining in stock

I see it, can you pm current deal to me?

Once I arrive to work tomorrow I’ll pm you with my ages units

I’m also waiting for a quote. It seems there is the red and a gray # 1111k.
Both about the same price $58k MSRP

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For 15 k miles, the Audi deal can’t be beat at .8% msrp per monthly payment. Arguably you could get a 52k Volvo for a similar payment or even a 58k loaner e300 but the Audi is the best deal since they rarely lease well. Enjoy.

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Yes factoring in that Audi doesn’t lease well I thought it was a deal I couldn’t pass up. I’m still waiting on delivery of the vehicle (they are delivering to me free of charge). It also comes with Audi Care which made me pull the trigger. Tbh I’d rather have a Audi than a Volvo, especially with the crappy attitude at the dealerships I have been too.

If the Red A6 is still available please PM the details. Thanks!