2017 Audi A6 2.0 Quattro Season of Audi

What do we think about this?

2017 Audi A6 2.0 Quattro Season of Audi
MSRP: $55,440
Sales price $44,938
Total savings $10,502 +$1,000 rebate for having a BMW.
36 month with 7500 miles/yr
MF .00012
Residual 53%
$999 total drive off
$440/mo plus tax ($482 in SoCal)

Seems like a decent discount but a shite residual for 7500 miles/yr…


That’s a huge discount but 7500 miles is very small…

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good discount, don’t expect a good residual on any new A6. which dealer quoted you this?

Rusnak. I know they don’t have the best residuals but 53% on a 7500 mile lease is horrific… That’s approaching VW Touareg territory…

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I currently have 7 cars in stock at my store (Audi Ontario) which i can replicate the 10k off towards a lease if anyone here is interested.

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Can you do better than Rusnak? :slight_smile:

Looking to possibly pull ahead my current Audi lease ending in December. Care to share what deals you are offering?

so currently all the Audi A6’s have 2500 in dealercash, then 2000 if the car is over 180 days old, then summer of Audi event of 900. we would provide the rest in discounts but it has to be 180 days old and i have 7 in stock

I bearly got my manager to match it. at my website Audiontario.com i have these stock numbers that are that old.
1001K, 1033K, 1032K, 1031K, 1040K,1111K,1188K

they are the A6’s

So just the exact same numbers as Rusnak?

Probably just a 1% bump to get to 10k…cheapest way to add 7,500 total miles to your lease. ever.

Slightly lower MSRP but compare the discounts to see who offered more



See, now THAT i would do.

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Do you have any good A4 deals?

That deal has some potential


Do you have an email I can reach you at?


Any Audi A5 deals?

Sportback or coup whichever has a better lease support

Any 2017 Q7 3.0T deals in $400-$500 range?

the coupe has the lower MF of .00131 compared to the .00191 from the sport back. nothing lease hackr worthy

with lot of money down on a very base Q7 maybe. no "deals’ yet since the 2018 have still not touched the ground.