2016 ACURA TLX 36/12k $199/mo $0 Down - Frontpage Deal?

Was able to get this deal negotiated for a family member with several local dealers that matched it.

2016 TLX Black 2.4L Base
MSRP $32,615
Sales price: $26,288 including destination fees
&Add-ons.Including $1500 lease cash and $500 bonus cash.
Aquisition fee: $595 Rolled in
Cap Cost Reduction/Down Payment: $2250 ($500 Graduate +
$1750 Acura Edmunds.com Certificate) = $0 out of pocket down.
CAP COST: $24,633
MF: .0007
Residual: 57% / $18,590.55
Due at signing: $1343 (1st payment $199, doc fee 80, lic/reg212,tax on payments upfront $852
$199 month, no tax (Tax pre-paid in Illinois). 36 months, 12K/year.

Trick to getting $1750 on Edmunds. Goto incentives and look at the 2016 BMW 5 series incentives, the $1750 should pop-up on top. if not clear cache try again or use different browser. If you don’t qualify for the $500 graduate cash just put $500 down to make it easy!

Deal is based on Tier 1 credit with Acura/Honda Financial. T2 payment will be aprox $235. T3 might be around $300. If you don’t qualify ask for a bump and wait 24 hours.


Nice! I’ll try to target this instead of the ilx.
I hope I qualify for the grad bonus.
Does Acura do MSD’s?

Thank you for sharing! I wish you shared this earlier this summer when I got my Sonata :frowning: And then a little later in the summer…when I got my second Sonata…lol

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No, I believe they have a One-Pay MF discount but its not by much and its likely just to confuse the dealers. Dealer confusion is a big factor in deals not going through. I have had dealers agree on the price, MF, residual and once they see the payment that low they back out lol. They have FOLP (fear of low payments)


If you’re in your Sonata good enough you could trade-it in for one of these. I had a TLX for about 9 months and traded it in for an e class earlier this year. Actually made $1800 on it.

@Senwia- how would you do this. If you have a lease in place on another car like sonata in above example how would u trade that in?

I just got both Sonatas on June 2nd and June 30th.

You’re saying I could trade in a lease?

How so? I’m new to leasing. These both are my first.

contact Hyundai financial, find out what your payoff is (dealer payoff). tell the dealer you want this deal and you have a trade-in also; let them know you are looking for your payoff (or more or less) depending on your situation and actual value of the car. There is no clear cut formula for that but hope it helps.

see below. Most leases don’t trade in very well but if its the right car and you got it at a great discount initially you maybe able to get out breaking even or paying a little bit of money (or making money in rare cases).

So I can buy out the car at any time during the lease? Even though it’s only been a month? Will I incur a penalty if I do this or is it based on the lending institution?

no pre-pay penalties on lease payoffs and yes you can buy out anytime, but you will probably be liable for sales tax. dealer payoffs don’t have sales tax. If it is a good idea depends on your individual situation.

I need an advice. I currently drive a Nissan Murano Will i get any tax savings if i trade it with dealer like how we get when we buy a new car? Do you actually get good value from dealer while doing a lease?

You never get “good value” from a dealer since they have to make money but you might be able to get what you need from them, as for tax savings it would depend on the state; talk to the business manager at the dealer for tax savings questions they usually know enough, most sales people won’t know.

Thank you @senwia. I looked up my buyout amount and then the trade in amount on Edmunds and am about 3 to 4 thousand off. Do you know if dealers will give you above Edmunds or is even Edmunds a stretch?

KBB fair and edmunds is a stretch, not that it can’t be done but they want to make about $4k on every trade-in. You may have better luck at the end of the month when they want to sell their unit so they may be more giving for the trade. Sometimes a trade-in just doesn’t make sense, you’re better off going through with the current lease.

Yeah that’s what I thought. I’m happy with my car so I’ll keep it for now. I guess we always think the grass though is always greener on the other side lol.
It’s funny, I have an Acura RL and it was part of the recall so from February to May, I was in rental cars paid by Acura. I went through 15 cars in that period. I guess I got used to that when I started the lease and got bored lol. But I mean one week I was in a Camaro and the other week a Challenger. One employee messed up and gave me a 7 series. I had that for 2 days before I got a call saying that was an error and there is on way Acura is covering that and had me bring it back and gave me the Camaro.

7 Series is a sweet rental. I had an RL for years. Great car.

I still have it. Knock on wood it has over 250,000 miles and we drive it daily.

Anyone know what the numbers would be if you reduced that to 24 months. Then again if it was 24 months and 10k miles?

Ugh, just checked and see that the AWD bumps the price up to $41,600! Ouch… still MIGHT be open with the FWD though if I can get that kind of price. Also, anyone know if the base has Apple CarPlay?

One question - do we have any similar deals on RDX as well?