$2,500 Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer Bonus Offer

It didn’t say purchase only.


there is no way I can get 5k discount in nearby dealership. All of them being we only sell at MSRP, few discount for 2k. No one near 5k. I’d assume this deal is dead for me.

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Reach out to 10+ dealers in your area. All you need is one dealer who will play ball. My only advice is KNOW YOUR NUMBERS. Use broker deals in the Marketplace as a point of reference.

Those cars have been sitting on their lot for months. I find it hard to believe nobody is moving off of MSRP when I got a random dealer in the middle of nowhere to take $5k off sticker via text in 5 minutes.

Location. Location. Location.

Up here in MA, the highest discount posted on my local dealer’s website is a paltry 3% off MSRP.

Disclaimer: I am not looking to buy this car.

Correct. so buy a $300 one-way plane ticket and go buy a car and save a few grand. Simple.

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Yeah, plenty dealers here have cars sitting on their lot for months. they are offering 9k rebate like they are giving you money lol. totally BS and waste my time. some of them offer 1k off + 9k rebate on a 6000 miles demo car. I am really shocked lol

Try a different dealer or a different strategy. Brokers on this site are doing 5-6% off a Wagoneer so there’s deals to be made.

Carguru’s site allows to filter ads between 60-120 days. Some of the discounted units in that time range reflect the rebates mentioned here.

Where’s that? Can you share the random dealer?

Brokers on this site are doing 5-6% off a Wagoneer. $5,000 off a $75,000 Wagoneer is 6.7% off sticker. The dealership that offered this is in the SouthEast if that makes any difference but like I said…if you can’t get a dealer to come off MSRP on a Wagoneer that’s been sitting on the lot for 3-4 months then something doesn’t add up.

Offer good till 1/3/23…I’m gonna be very very patient.

Can you share the dealer?

Check out Jeep brokers in the Marketplace.

Mine says 6/13/2022

:point_up_2::point_up_2: - In case anyone missed it.

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My dealer here says you can order it for 6% off no problem. but not in stock unit.

I’ve seen some brokers also advertise 6% off on orders.

yeah, wasn’t sure if we will still have 9k rebate on it or not when it hits the lot.

Anyone knows if those incentives apply to Series 3? Wanna get one with air suspension but it looks like most series 2 didn’t choose that option.