$2,500 Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer Bonus Offer

It’s their way to market against the Escalade and Navigator. It’s not a Jeep, it’s a Wagoneer!

I know many people hate them, but they’re growing on me. It’s nice to see something different in this segment.

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I think it’s a great large suv, probably drives the best out of all of them. It is really ugly unless you go with Carbide package on Black, white or silver only.

Has anybody bought or leased one in the last couple of weeks? Or gotten solid numbers?

@AutoNinjas has 13% off on orders I think end today or tomorrow but if you need one asap @Clutch posts some good instock deals


This may also be one of the few cars where you call around or submit offers on demo units and may get some traction.

I may wait another 30 days to see if dealers want to move '22 Wagoneers at year end. I was thinking of ordering a ‘23 L but the factory isn’t going to start producing them till sometime in December…meaning my November order would not be here till spring.

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Are you planning to lease or finance? There does not appear to be much in incentives on '22s. Hence, unless you are able to score a double digit discount off MSRP, you might be disappointed.

I’d like to lease, but thankfully have the cash to buy. Most of my local dealers will allow me to use Supplier pricing + the $1,500 current bonus offer. So that gets me 5% off MSRP. I do see more mark downs on the Grand, but even with 10k off MSRP, it still seems too much.

I’d wait as long as you can. Once the market continues to stabilize these will have more trunk sauce than strippers in miami


Has anyone been able to find a decent deal on one of these? So far the best deal I’ve found for a wagoner series 2 was 900/month 4k DAS, 36/10k.

There’s currently a $3500 bonus conquest cash on Series II Wagoneers.


I got a 750/month in the past, but it’s still not 20% off. so I passed it

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I think the most I have seen is close to 10% off MSRP on a new model. I do not see 20% off happening. Dealers are not desperate and they seem to be selling (at least here in the Northeast).

Were you happy with the payment?

That is awesome. I wish I could find something close to that.