1.5 years into BMW lease, car may be totaled


Looking to see if anyone has been through this and can share their experiences so I can mentally prepare myself. I’m 17 months into my lease. Someone hit my car pretty damn hard while it was parked. After glancing it over, the body shop wasn’t sure if it would be totaled or not. If it is totaled, what does that mean for me and the deal I negotiated? If you need more info, I’m happy to provide the contract I signed via private message.image7-2 image0

Insurance company pays BMWFS for the car

You’re free and clear instead of any of the money you put down (why it’s recommended not to put money down) if you did.

Start fresh


I didn’t put anything down so I’m good there. I guess that means as soon as I know the verdict I need to start shopping around. I’m so upset, I love this car :weary:

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Best news is that everyone is OK (I assume)

I’d rather have a fresh car than a car that had a ton of damage given back.


Yes, everyone involved was okay. You’re right though, and I need to be looking at it that way. Thanks for the reply.

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Do everything in your power to make sure a borderline case is totaled and not repaired. You don’t want it back.


I was in your same boat with a leased BMW and everything went fine the insurance and BMWFS. Private message me if you have any questions


Curious, Im assuming OP doesn’t wanna be stuck with another 1.5 years with a leased car with mechanical troubles?
On the flip side, it might be hard to reproduce the same payments in todays environment compared to 18 months ago but it really depends on OPs deal

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You’re exactly right and that’s what I’m most concerned about. Can’t imagine I’ll get this to happen again. This is my deal: 2019 430iGC

How do I make that happen? The shop is coming to pick it up tomorrow to do a formal estimate and potentially start the work. 45 days minimum without it if they’re able to fix it up.

Thanks for your reply, I will definitely reach out if I need help!

Gonna be tough to get into another beemah now at that payment.

How bad was it hit and where? Post some pics.

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Photos added to original post. The guy who looked at it said the rear floor (?) is damaged. At first he said he didn’t think it was totaled but when he looked a little closer he said he wasn’t sure.

I had a similar accident in my 320. Car was parked and another car rammed into the bumper, just like yours. It was only $2,250 to repair, I can’t imagine your car is totaled from it. Unless they hit the frame, I guess.


That makes me hopeful. I’ll be ecstatic if that’s the case with mine. I’m not ready to give up this car (or the payments). We just got a ton of snow here in Tennessee and the person who hit it was flying. She hit mine, backed up, rammed my neighbors, kept going, then crashed into someones yard about a half mile up the road. It was wild.

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Yikes! Again, glad you weren’t hurt.

And if it ends up totaled, at least you got 18 mos of a great deal?


Thank you! I know I need to be more appreciative that all involved walked away perfectly fine. Lol the salesman I got it from has kept in touch, hopefully he’s feeling ready to make it happen again.

If the frame is damaged you definitely don’t want it back.

Start googling frame damage etc and your state law regarding frame repair, if and when it’s allowed etc.

You need to come up with talking points for every upcoming conversation with your insurance company

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Perfect, that was the starting point I needed. I’ve handled personal injury cases so luckily I’m familiar with how insurance adjusters can be, but never been in the weeds over vehicle damage like this.

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If the frame isn’t damaged, shouldn’t be too bad by the looks of it. Rear bumper and support, respray etc. I wouldn’t think they would total this.

Luckily you’re okay and no one was hurt. Just a car, ya know.

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