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The tints look great! :sunglasses: Enjoy brother!

I was nervous to make financial deals via the internet. Fortunately LeaseHacker led me to trusted vendors. And more fortunately I used Zack at ZZ Autos Deals to lease my Brooklyn Grey 24 BMW X3. It was his instant service and transparency that helped me feel comfortable. This was my first lease and Zack patiently answered my newbie questions. I wound up factory ordering my very fully loaded car, getting exactly what I wanted, and getting a good deal to boot. The dealership experience went smoothly and stress free. Zack kept me informed every step of the way and always immediately responded to my text and calls. Even if you are experienced with leases, Zack can get you a better deal. I highly recommend ZZ Auto Deals.

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I have nothing but gratitude for Zack. His customer service skills are top notch. He is super quick to respond, and provides all the info you need to make your decision easier. After wasting a few days with other brokers, Zack was able to find me the car I was looking for within the hour. On top of that, he got me a deal no other broker on this website could touch. Zack, thank you for helping me get an X5 for my wife!

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It was a super nice experience to work with Zack. He returned all of my messages promptly. Above all he was able to get me to the deal that fit my requirements and budget. I’m very happy with my new purchase and the entire process. Zack was very transparent and was able to get the best deal on my 2024 iX, couldn’t be happier. Thank you Zack :+1::+1:

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Zack replies to my inquiry promptly and is patient to all my questions during the process. I got the iX with a great leasing deals beating the advertisement in LH and delivered to me on the same day the contract is signed! I highly recommend ZZ auto deals to anyone in the market for car deals. Thanks Zack!

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Enjoy your new X5 my friend! Thank you for your trust and business!

Thank you for the kind words, it was a pleasure working with you on this. Car looks amazing in black! :heart_eyes: Enjoy it!

Thank you, Eric! Car looks great - I’m excited for you! :slight_smile: Enjoy and thank you for your trust and business!

I worked with Zack from ZZ Auto Deals to secure my new ride - the 2024 BMW iX xDrive 50. Car came loaded, and I couldn’t be happier! Zack was super easy to work with, I messaged him on Friday night, and I was driving my new car on Wednesday morning. Zack would also instantly respond to any questions I had, even at 11:30pm on Sunday night!

The local dealership I picked the car up from was super easy to work with as Zack had pre-arranged everything. The dealership sales guy also made the comment that he’d been working there for 20 years and hadn’t ever seen a money factor that low. I’m still shocked at what a good deal it was and how seamless everything went.

Looking forward to enjoying my new car for the next few years and will absolutely be reaching out to Zack for my next vehicle.

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